5 things to know for Aug. 15: Floods, FBI Search, Taiwan, Health care strike, India


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1. Floods

There is currently a flood watch on millions of people in the US Southwest after a weekend of rain and thunderstorms that have swept the region. At least two people have died in Las Vegas since last week in flooding in what has become the wettest monsoon season in a decade. In Texas, the National Hurricane Center is monitoring a disturbance that will cause thunderstorms and up to 6 inches of rain in the coming days, potentially leading to flash flooding. While the rain has brought relief to some drought-stricken areas, experts say climate change is increasing the chances of extreme flooding and catastrophic disasters. Separately, a new study indicates a catastrophic megaflood is coming to California in the next four decades — and experts say it would be unlike anything anyone alive today has ever experienced.

2. FBI Search

When searching former President Donald Trump’s property in Mar-a-Lago last week, FBI agents seized 11 sets of documents, some marked as “sensitive compartmentalized information” — one of the highest levels of government secrets. This comes after one of Trump’s lawyers signed a letter in June claiming there was no more classified material in the residence, according to two sources familiar with the case. Meanwhile, several senior Republicans question whether the material in Mar-a-Lago was really highly sensitive, citing a president’s powers to release top-secret information. They are also calling for the release of the redacted affidavit that would provide more information about why the search was necessary.

3. Taiwan

A second US congressional delegation arrived in Taiwan on Sunday for an unannounced two-day visit. Led by Democratic Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, the five-member delegation is visiting the self-governing island in an effort to “reaffirm the United States’ support for Taiwan” and to encourage “stability and peace,” a Markey spokesman said. . House Speaker Nancy Pelosi angered China when she became the first US speaker to visit Taiwan in 25 years at a time when relations between Washington and Beijing were particularly tense. Taiwan welcomed the delegation, but China hit back at the visit today with another round of military exercises in the region.

4. Care Strike

Thousands of mental health therapists will go on strike in California today. The unionized psychologists, therapists, chemical dependency therapists and social workers are demanding that Kaiser Permanente — the nation’s largest nonprofit HMO — provide “highly necessary” services to its patients, claiming that some wait months for the necessary therapy sessions. According to the National Union of Healthcare Workers, which represents 16,000 workers in California and Hawaii, Kaiser employs about one full-time psychiatrist for every 2,600 members, leading therapists to leave Kaiser in record time. The strike comes as the country is experiencing a wave of mental health problems. The World Health Organization said the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic led to a 25% increase in anxiety and depression worldwide.

5. India

Today is India’s Independence Day and many Indians around the world are celebrating 75 years since the end of nearly 200 years of British colonial rule on August 15, 1947. Since independence, India has built one of the world’s fastest growing economies. home to some of the world’s richest people, and according to the United Nations, its population will soon surpass China’s as the world’s largest. But despite the country’s rising wealth, challenges remain as Prime Minister Narendra Modi tries to “break the vicious circle of poverty”. Nevertheless, India’s growing wealth is fueling its aspirations in various sectors such as sports and aerospace. And Bollywood, India’s glittering multi-billion dollar film industry, continues to attract fans around the world, catapulting local names into global superstars.


Brittney Griner’s defense appeals verdict

Brittney Griner’s legal team has appealed the ruling of a Russian court that sentenced the WNBA star to nine years in prison for smuggling drugs into Russia, Griner’s attorney Maria Blagovolina told CNN earlier today.


Loud ‘boom’ heard in parts of Utah and Idaho was ‘probably’ a meteor hitting atmosphere, officials say

Video footage of a loud rumbling sound and a flashing object in the sky is circulating on social media. Officials say it was “probably” a meteor. Watch the video here.

This is one of the scariest shows ever televised

If horror is your genre of choice, this creepy show has earned a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes – and it’s sure to scare you.

8 reasons why you wake up tired and how to fix it

Honestly, nothing is louder than your own thoughts after midnight. Here are some tips to calm your mind and improve your sleep quality.

The finale of the ‘Better Call Saul’ series premieres tonight

“Breaking Bad” came up with the addictive formula for its TV offshoot “Better Call Saul”. Fans are now hoping it can hold onto the landing with its series finale.

Why is Velveeta everywhere?

The processed cheese product — which food snobs love — is making a big comeback with some smashing marketing moves.


Actress Anne Heche, whose versatility has been the driving force behind an admirable career in television and film spanning four decades, has died aged 53. “Anne Heche has been peacefully taken off the ventilator,” a representative of her family told CNN Sunday evening. Heche’s car crashed into a Los Angeles home and burst into flames on Aug. 5. After the accident, Heche suffered a “severe anoxic brain injury,” which left her brain deprived of oxygen, among other critical injuries following the crash.
Actress and director Denise Dowse, whose prolific career included roles in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” “Insecure” and “Ray,” has passed away, her family confirmed to CNN on Sunday. She was 64. The actress’s sister said Dowse will be remembered as an African-American theater advocate, who was also committed to sharing the profession with children.


1 year

How long has it been since the capital of Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, which has led to a deterioration in civil liberties, especially for women and girls whose freedoms have increased under the civilian government. On this day, a year ago, the rapid takeover by the Taliban led to a chaotic withdrawal and abruptly ended the United States’ 20-year mission in the country.


“While his life-changing injuries are serious, his usual snappy and defiant sense of humor remains intact.”

–Zafar Rushdie, son of famed author Salman Rushdie, who shares an update on his father’s condition. Salman Rushdie was stabbed repeatedly on stage in front of a New York audience on Friday, leaving him with multiple serious injuries. The family of the 75-year-old author – who has been under threat for decades for his writings – said he was in critical condition on Sunday after the attack, which ended with the attacker being detained by staff and guests and Rushdie being flown to a hospital.


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The man who can control bees

Did you know that bees are responsible for pollinating about 90 commercially produced crops? Watch this stunning video of a scientist who can cause a bee swarm on his body without getting a sting. (Click here to view)

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