‘$70,000’ CEO Dan Price accused of raping model as she tried to sleep


The abrupt resignation of $70,000 CEO Dan Price this week came as he faced new charges of allegedly raping a woman, according to a bombshell report on Friday.

Price, who made international headlines after cutting his own salary to $70,000 while raising the company’s minimum wage, resigned as CEO this week amid reports that he grabbed a 26-year-old woman by the throat after she died. had rejected advances.

But Price’s resignation came shortly after he was approached for a response to a rape allegation, according to a report.

Police in Palm Springs, California, have recommended Price to file charges for raping a drugged victim. The director has not yet been charged in connection with the alleged incident.

Kacie Margis, a model and artist, told the New York Times that she and Price had been dating for about three months when the alleged rape happened while on a trip to Palm Springs. Price allegedly chased Margis out of their hotel room for hours so he could call, despite the fact that she was only wearing a bikini and a cover-up.

Later that day, Price reportedly became angry when she turned down his attempt to kiss her.

Price resigned as CEO of Gravity Payments earlier this week.
Twitter/Dan Price
Kacie Margis
Margis said that when she confronted Price about the alleged rape, he denied it ever happened.

“He said it’s so hard to be him in the world because of his intelligence,” Margis said.

After their argument, Margis returned to the hotel room and took an edible cannabis. Price reportedly entered the room and tried to initiate sex, but she turned him down.

Margis told police that as she fell asleep, she felt Price penetrate her, even after she rejected his advances. According to the New York Times, she was “worried that he would kill her if she tried to stop him.”

Dan Price
Dan Price has built a huge following on social media.
MediaNews Group via Getty Images

“Did you just rape me?” Margis said she asked Price, who denied assaulting her.

Margis texted a friend that she was “shivering so much and could barely speak.” She added that Price had “looked me dead and said that what I know happened didn’t happen.”

The New York Times said the report was based on Margis’s account, the police report of the incident and conversations with three individuals she contacted shortly after the alleged rape happened.

Kacie Margis
Margis said Price first contacted her on Instagram.
Kacie Margis
Kacie Margis is a model and artist.

The model said she first learned about Price in 2020 after coming across his viral social media posts advocating for workers’ rights and corporate social responsibility. When she liked one of Price’s Instagram posts in 2020, he sent her a “Happy Valentine’s Day beauty!”

Margis told the New York Times that she initially ignored the message, but eventually responded early last year. The two started talking regularly, and Price eventually flew Margis to Seattle to meet him.

Kacie Margis
Margis has filed a police report in Palm Springs, California.

When contacted by the New York Times about the rape allegation, Price denied any wrongdoing and said he “never physically or sexually abused anyone.”

He added that “the other allegations of inappropriate behavior towards women in this story are simply false.”

The Post has reached out to Price and Gravity Payments for comment.

Price alluded to the allegations against him in a resignation statement earlier this week.

“My number 1 priority is that our employees work for the best company in the world, but my presence here has become a distraction,” said Price. “I also need to relinquish these duties to focus full-time on fighting false accusations leveled against me. I’m going nowhere.”

Price, who has built a huge following on social media while demanding workers’ rights, is now facing multiple allegations of misconduct.

The Times report includes another allegation from a Seattle-based fitness trainer named Serena Jowers, who claims that Price started watching porn during their third date and later pressured her to have sex.

Dan Price
Dan Price has denied doing anything in response to the allegations.
Movie Magic
Dan Price
Dan Price rose to fame after he lowered his own wage while raising his company’s minimum wage.
TNS via Getty Images

Jowers and three other women who spoke to the Times claimed he filmed them without permission.

Another woman, identified only as an ex-girlfriend of Price, claimed he had sex with her several times in the middle of the night without her consent.

The report also includes other bombshell allegations, including a claim that an idea supposedly came from Gravity’s employees to buy Price a Tesla as a thank you for its employee-first policy actually came from one of the top lieutenants at the company. the CEO.

In addition, Price is said to have tapped into a ghostwriter, Mike Rosenberg, to build his social media brand.

Price was charged earlier this year with assault and reckless driving after allegedly trying to kiss the woman after a business meeting and then grabbing her by the throat when she blocked his advances.

After the alleged altercation, Price is said to have performed “donuts” in his Tesla while she was still in the car, according to the Seattle Times. Price pleaded not guilty to the charges in May and denied wrongdoing.

In 2015, Bloomberg reported that Price’s ex-wife Kristie Colon gave a TEDx talk in which she, without mentioning Price, claimed he had physically assaulted her.

Price rose to fame in 2015 after announcing that he would cut his own salary from $1 million to $70,000. The tech CEO said the money would allow him to raise the Gravity Payments minimum wage to $70,000, from $48,000, within three years.

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