A Nintendo Direct featuring Wind Waker and Twilight Princess is reportedly coming in September


A Nintendo Direct presentation focused on Zelda announcements will reportedly be held in September.

That’s according to GamesBeat editor-in-chief Mike Minotti and Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb, speaking on a podcast this week.

“To be clear, the only thing we know for sure that it will be announced during this Direct is the Wind Waker and Twilight Princess ports for Switch,” said Minotti.

Wii U – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD E3 Trailer

“Yeah, I think there’s going to be a lot of Zelda stuff on this thing,” Grubb said. “I think this is some sort of Zelda outburst for Nintendo.

“100% there is a Nintendo Direct in September, it’s that simple. There is still some uncertainty whether this will be a general one [Direct]maybe a Mini, there was talk of it being a Partner Direct”.

Grubb added: “If they’re going to have Zelda stuff there, this isn’t Partner Direct, and those are the things we’ve heard. The details mentioned were Twilight Princess and Wind Waker HD ports for the Switch.

“Which, again, even if we hadn’t heard that, I’d speculate that would happen now as we wait for the build-up to Breath of the Wild 2. And yet we’ve heard that, and we’ve heard other things, Metroid again Prime remaster, that sounds like it should be announced on something like this.

“And then third parties show up,” he continued. “I’ve heard something about that too, it’s not super exciting what I’ve heard. To me it sounds like at least a Mini Direct, but if it gets the name of the next Zelda, which seems like a definite possibility, that sounds like a big general Direct.

Grubb said he had heard from “a pretty good source” that the event will take place the week of September 12.

Twilight Princess and Wind Waker already got the HD treatment on the Wii U and are now among just a handful of Nintendo’s last-gen games that haven’t been ported to Switch.

Based on what he’s heard about the Direct, Minotti said anything beyond the Twilight Princess and Wind Waker announcements is speculation.

“The Metroid Prime stuff seems to be happening. It’s a lot of remasters to announce in one thing, but maybe that’s getting a bit of a theme here.”

A Nintendo Direct with Wind Waker and Twilight Princess is reportedly coming in September

The highly anticipated Nintendo Switch remaster of Metroid Prime will finally be released at the end of this year, Grubb recently claimed.

He stated at a Giant Bomb show in June that he had been told “pretty definitively” that the title would arrive in time for Prime’s 20e anniversary in November.

Metroid Prime remasters have reportedly been arriving for years, with an acknowledged insider claiming last November that the Prime 1 remaster was already finished and ready to be released.

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