Agent from firm representing Deshaun Watson makes a strange comparison



Ideally, the evaluation and treatment of Brown’s quarterback Deshaun Watson will result in a final admission that, despite his claims of innocence, he committed wrongdoing. It gets harder for that to happen, practically speaking, if he’s still surrounded by enablers and excuse-makers.

On Thursday, Officer David Mulugheta tweeted (and subsequently deleted) an attack on Judge Sue L. Robinson, even though the NFL Players Association tried to convince the NFL to respect her ruling — and did not appeal.

Also on Thursday, another agent at the same company, Andre Odom, made an odd comparison of Watson’s situation with another high-profile case of sexual impropriety.

“I see all the backlash and anger at Deshaun Watson’s statement,” Odom tweeted. “Honestly. I’m curious about why was there so much silence about the child trafficking case in which [Jeffrey] epstein, [Ghislaine] Maxwell and others? Where was that anger and indignation? Children are important too! Where’s the commotion???”

We contacted Odom via text, which gave him the opportunity to elaborate. He didn’t respond.

It was clear there was no “silence” in the Epstein case. It was a huge deal. It received significant coverage. Epstein committed suicide in prison. Maxwell was convicted.

Anyway, this is not a situation that calls for: whataboutism. Watson committed four cases of non-violent assault, according to Judge Robinson. His decision to accept an 11-game suspension and pay a $5 million fine, coupled with his continued insistence that he did nothing wrong, calls for additional scrutiny.

Watson’s interests, in my view, have not been served by the aggressively stubborn attempts by those who represent him to shout his innocence – and to (sometimes) challenge members of the media to focus, for example, on the alleged lies and inconsistencies of Watson’s prosecutors. Watson’s agents and attorneys have had a full and fair opportunity to do so, both in the court of public opinion and in connection with the 24 civil lawsuits filed against him. Attorney Rusty Hardin has stated that all women lie, while also proclaiming that it is not a crime to try to find a “happy ending” to a massage.

At some point, Watson’s agents have to stop circling the cars and start telling Watson hard truths. He has not been found innocent by anyone. The prosecutor declined to attempt to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, deferring to the civil justice system and the NFL’s internal procedures. Watson has settled 24 of the cases against him and he agreed to an unprecedented combination of suspension and fine.

He’ll never get where he needs to be if he doesn’t admit where he’s been. Everyone deserves a chance at redemption. But they have to want it. Watson, it seems, continues to think he doesn’t need it.

Maybe he’ll get there eventually. It becomes much more difficult when those who supposedly represent his interests continue to fight long after the battle is lost.

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