Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes ‘not ashamed’ of their romance


New ‘Good Morning America 3’ anchor couple TJ Holmes and Amy Robach arrived at work on Thursday unashamed of their relationship scandal that shocked the media industry a day earlier.

Sources close to the couple described their first day back as “amazing”, telling us they felt “supported and loved” by their ABC colleagues – who even said a prayer with them.

“They’re not ashamed. They are two consenting adults, who eventually fell in love,” a source told Page Six.

They hadn’t seen each other since Tuesday. It’s not like they wanted [news of their relationship] to come out, but it’s also kind of a relief,” she added.

Another source familiar with the couple told us they’ve been “good friends for eight years” and claims their romance started in August when they were both dealing with marital problems.

Multiple sources told us that Holmes and his wife, Marilee Fiebig, have had marital problems over the years, including rumors of his infidelity. They hit a rough patch last year, forcing Holmes to move temporarily.

We’re told they eventually reconciled, but it was short-lived and he moved on for good about “four months ago.”

“The only person he could lean on was Amy when he recently had problems with his marriage again. Amy was the first person he contacted. No one knew until yesterday that he was getting a divorce,” said the second source.

Sources close to Robach and Holmes described their first day at work together as “amazing”.

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Sources close to Robach and Holmes described their first day at work together as “amazing”.

New York Road Runners via Getty

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Meanwhile, Robach and her TV star husband, Andrew Shue, had their own problems.

A third source told us, “Amy and Andrew had a few bumps and it always felt like they were exploring avenues.”

Insiders told us that Robach’s marriage officially came to an end “about six months ago,” while a fourth person claimed, “She was very upset about it.”

“They were very close and tried to make it work… She was very sad about the end of her marriage. It didn’t seem like it was about cheating,” they said.

Our sources told us that “no one was blinded” by the relationship between Robach and Holmes – including their husbands.

Rumors of secret encounters started the moment they became friends in 2014, and rumors of them meeting at separate events in 2017 have been doing the rounds on ABC.

In fact, they were even afraid to be around each other, we hear.

Amy Robach and Andrew Shue
According to sources, Robach and husband Andrew Shue are getting a divorce.

“The rumors scared them. They panicked. They weren’t true, and then they were terrified of hanging out together or being on the air and being too friendly,” the second source said.

Now that the rumor is officially a fact, you don’t have to expect more from Holmes and Robach. They were both mum about the situation when they appeared on their show “GMA 3” on Thursday afternoon, despite arriving at the studio “as a couple”.

TJ Holmes and Marilee Fiebig
Holmes and his wife, Marilee Fiebig, have had marital problems over the years.

“She [feel they] don’t owe anyone anything… They are angry that their daughters had to be exposed in this way, but they are not ashamed of anything,” the first source said.

“It is the hardest part of their lives that they are going through. It’s a friendship that clicked and became more… and it happens,” they concluded.

Representatives for the couple did not comment.

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