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Congressman Jerry Carl

Americans can no longer afford a one-party Democrat system. Due to the poor policies of this Democrat-controlled Congress and the White House, American seniors are forced to dive into their savings, families struggle to meet basic household needs, and many feel that the American dream is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. is.
While Americans pay more for basically everything, President Biden has spent trillions of dollars on wasteful government programs and green new deal mandates. Just a few days ago, we saw that inflation is now 8.3 percent. While this may not seem like a huge number, it is the equivalent of working a full 12 months but only getting paid for 11 months. The high prices for goods and services cost the average family an additional $700 per month, or more than $8,000 a year. Americans just can’t afford to live like that.
House Republicans have a plan to restore the economy and bring back the American dream: We will begin cutting wasteful government spending that is raising prices for groceries, cars and housing and increasing our national debt. We will also raise wages, create more high-paying jobs and stabilize the economy by getting rid of big government and easing the burden on our businesses and families.
We also have plans to restore US energy independence and lower gas prices. America was the largest energy producer in the world and gas was affordable until the Biden administration halted energy projects, halted pipeline construction, and waged war on US energy production. Months ago, I introduced the Unleashing American Energy Act to end Biden’s war against our producers and get domestic production back on track. Americans shouldn’t be faced with a choice between driving to work or grocery shopping for the family. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that we unleash American energy and lower fuel prices.
Finally, we must strengthen our supply chain and end our dependence on China. The baby food crisis is a perfect example of our broken supply chain that has increased costs for our families and left store shelves empty. Our country is dangerously dependent on foreign countries such as China for critical supplies such as medicines and technology. This must be reversed immediately.
The American people are smart enough to understand that wasteful spending in Washington is driving inflation. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been sent to luxury resorts and to give incentive checks to inmates like the Boston Marathon bomber. As inflation continues to rise, Democrats have offered no plans to bring it under control. House Republicans have a detailed plan and we are ready to get the US economy back on track.

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