Apple blocked the latest Telegram update over a new animated emoji set


Ever since Apple launched the App Store, developers big and small have gotten caught up in the company’s approval process, slowing down or removing their apps altogether. The popular messaging app Telegram is just the latest, according to the company’s CEO Pavel Durov. On August 10, Durov posted on his Telegram channel saying that the app’s latest update was stuck in Apple’s review process for two weeks without really saying anything from the company about why it was being held up.

As noted by The edge, the update was finally released yesterday and Durov took to Telegram again to discuss what had happened. The CEO says Apple has told Telegram it should remove a new feature called Telemoji, which Durov described as “higher-quality vector-animated versions of the default emoji.” He added an example of what they would look like in his message – they’re similar to the basic emoji set Apple uses, but with some nice animations that could definitely help make messages a little more expressive.

“This is a puzzling move on behalf of Apple, as Telemoji would have brought a whole new dimension to its low-resolution static emoji and significantly enriched their ecosystem,” Durov wrote in his post. It’s not entirely clear how this feature would enrich Apple’s overall ecosystem, but it still seems puzzling for Apple to get caught up, especially since Telegram has already found a host of emoji and sticker options that go way beyond the standard set. on iOS. Indeed, Durov noted that there are more than 10 new emoji packs in the latest Telegram update, saying the company will take the time to make Telemoji “even more unique and recognizable”.

However, there are still many emoji-related improvements in the latest Telegram update. The company says it is launching an “open emoji platform” where anyone can upload their own set of emoji for those paying for Telegram’s premium service to use. If you’re not a premium user, you can still see and test the custom emoji to use them in ‘saved messages’ like reminders and notes in the app. The custom emoji can also be interactive — tapping it will give you a full-screen animated response.

To make it easier to access all of this, the sticker, GIF, and emoji panel has been redesigned, with tabs for each of those comment categories. This makes the iOS keyboard match the Android app and the web version of Telegram. There are also new privacy settings that let you control who can send you video and voice messages: everyone, contacts, or nobody. Telegram notes that like its other privacy settings, you can set “exceptions” so that specific groups or people can “always” or “never” send you voice or video messages. The new update – without Telemoji – is now available.

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