As The CW Buyout Gets Finalized, New Details Show Why The Arrowverse Shows Couldn’t Have Survived Much Longer


For the past decade, The CW has largely been associated with genre-heavy programming aimed at younger demographics, from the long-running supernatural (and it’s coming) mythos expanding spin-off The Winchesters) to the Vampire Diaries franchise to the Arrowverse heroes of DC Comics. But that era will soon come to an end. While the business is not yet finalized, The CW is currently being acquired by new owners Nexstar Media Group, who will have a 75% financial interest, with Warner Bros Discovery and Paramount Global each owning 12.5% ​​of the ownership. And from the few details revealed so far, it’s clear that the Arrowverse could never have survived the changes in The CW.

Nexstar’s goal is to make a profit from the CW by 2025

In the first place, Nexstar’s overarching plan with the broadcast network is in the last place to make it a plan that can actually make money, rather than running at a loss year after year. The company’s CFO, Lee Ann Gliha, shared this rather shocking fact during an analyst conference call (via Deadline):

It’s no secret that the CW isn’t profitable, but this isn’t typical of fully distributed broadcast or cable networks. According to SNL Kagan’s data, no other broadcast network operates at constant loss.

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