As Trisha Paytas nears due date, she faces frightening harassment


Online hatred for famous internet troll Trisha Paytas has become a meme over the years. Now her adversaries are blurring the line between snark and abuse.

Paytas, a YouTube star who has sparked controversy as a vlogger for more than a decade, has been the target of a coordinated harassment campaign whose participants organize themselves on Reddit, where her every move is followed by thousands of people. Members of a Reddit community dedicated to Paytas posted about her doctors and businesses she frequently visits, delved into the personal lives of her relatives and made posts devoted to shaming every part of her body.

It’s a situation that has gained momentum in recent months, especially as Paytas got married and started a family. She’s pregnant, with a due date in September, and the extreme scrutiny of her Reddit community has warned other internet personalities, some of whom see a move that has shifted from typical celebrity gossip to the realm of hate that has recently been targeted at many. women online.

“It’s not snark, it’s just stupid and mean,” said Molly McAleer, host of the Internet podcast “Trend Lightly” and co-founder of HelloGiggles, an entertainment and lifestyle website. “There’s nothing clever or interesting about the way they talk about her.”

Celebrity culture on the internet can be particularly fiery. The “Stan” culture includes fan bases ready to defend their favorite celebrities, while what are now commonly known as “snark” communities are committed to hating certain celebrities and can be just as aggressive.

And like stan communities, snark communities can be broad, discussing entire genres of influencers, such as family channels and beauty gurus, in which case conversations can be more nuanced, news, and speculative. But more specific or targeted snark communities, such as the one around Paytas, can often become hateful.

On Reddit, 42,000 people have joined “Trishyland”, the snark subreddit (a term for a community within Reddit) dedicated to Paytas. Paytas, 34, has nearly 5 million subscribers on YouTube. Users often discuss Paytas, but also their own reasons for being part of the community.

‘She’s my guilty pleasure. Real Truman show at this point. I want to see the aftermath, the divorce, the fall, etc,” said one commenter on a recent post.

However, that community has also made calls for people to take real action.

An Instagram account one member believed to be connected to Paytas’ fertility clinic was posted on Trishyland with the instruction to “introduce us to staff.” It’s not clear if anyone followed that suggestion.

When Paytas went on his honeymoon to Hawaii, a post asked subreddit members to tweet at her hotel, “educating them about this PR nightmare.” Multiple posts have coordinated efforts to spam Paytas’ chats during her YouTube live streams with messages that contain “all the hateful things she’s done.” It is unclear how many Trishyland members have followed these guidelines.

Members have indicated that they plan to call child protection services on Paytas once she has given birth. A member guided Paytas and her husband through an online background check and posted the results to the subreddit.

Those posts appear to violate some of Reddit’s anti-bullying and harassment rules, in which “remember the human” is rule 1.

Reddit said it “barely reconsidered” the subreddit regarding its policies.

Paytas is one of the old characters of YouTube. She started her career as an aspiring actor in Hollywood, but found herself making an effort to vlog every aspect of her life, often sparking controversy with insulting and outrageous statements. YouTube videos like “Trisha Paytas Says the N Word and Is Racist for a Minute” have millions of views.

Paige Christie, a YouTube video essayist who has discussed Paytas in dozens of videos, described Paytas in a phone interview as a “huge troll” who “has upset a lot of people.” A troll is someone who posts offensive content online to entice people to respond, like the classic fairy tale troll who lures passersby under his bridge.

Those efforts have proved lucrative for Paytas. Paytas told Insider in 2019 that her career was fueled by a “constant need for attention.” She told BuzzfFeed News in 2021 that she was making $800,000 a month. One of her most lucrative endeavors today is her OnlyFans account, which costs $20 per month and is one of the most popular on the platform. It is also called Trishyland.

Paytas did not respond to a request for comment.

And while Paytas has spent her career capitalizing on negative attention, the online vitriol has shifted into more disturbing territory since she got into a fight with another popular YouTube creator.

Trishyland’s subreddit was created less than a year ago, in October 2021, following Paytas’ dramatic departure from the popular YouTube podcast “Frenemies” she co-hosted with Ethan Klein, which has more than 6 million subscribers on the platform. Since then, Trishyland has grown rapidly, more than doubling its membership since Paytas announced she was pregnant.

“I’ve never seen anyone so committed to someone else’s misfortune,” said Christie, who has also been attacked by members of the Trishyland subreddit. “They want to destroy every happy moment in her life.”

McAleer said the Trishyland subreddit is part of a growing list of snark subreddits dedicated to one person, usually a female TikToker or influencer — some with fewer than 100,000 followers. These newer snark communities are less about responsibility and more about bullying, often about their target’s appearance, McAleer said.

“It’s just a nightmare,” she said. “These people have overrun certain people, ladies who do makeup in the middle of the country.”

The Trishyland community shows no signs of delay in the birth of Paytas’ child. In any case, members have expressed their enthusiasm for new material from Paytas’ journey to motherhood, much of which is sure to be captured online.

“As long as she’s creating I’ll be there, I hate it,” said one commenter on a recent post.

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