Atlanta shooting – live: Female suspect Raissa Kenge seized at airport as two dead, one injured in midtown attack


<p>A woman reportedly arrested in connection with Monday’s shooting </p>
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A woman reportedly arrested in connection with Monday’s shooting

(Brian Moote/Twitter)

A woman has been arrested after three people were gunned down in downtown Atlanta on Monday, city police said.

Atlanta police said it had arrested a suspect in the shooting at the city’s international airport after evacuating the crime scene.

However, the officers are still investigating why the shooting took place and whether the victims were specifically targeted or were simply chosen at random.

The shooting started just before 2 p.m. in Midtown, leaving two dead and one injured. . One person has been killed, according to police at the scene. The condition of the other two victims is unknown.

“We have a huge amount of resources on site. They have an identification so they are in the process of locating the attacker,” the police told the authorities Atlanta Journal Constitution earlier in the afternoon.


Video shows police entering buildings near shooting

Witness Videos Given to Atlanta News Channel 11 Alive show police officers responding to the shooting on Monday.

The clips show officers in body armor with guns operating near Colony Square and a building lobby near Juniper St and 14th St.


Victims named as Wesley Freeman and Michael Shinners

The victims of the shooting have been named as Wesley Freeman, 41, and Michael Shinners, 60, according to local media reports.

CBS 46 anchor Shon Gables broke the news on Twitter, citing the Fulton County medical examiner.

Notably, both Mr. Freeman and Mr. Shinners were named as defendants in the lawsuit filed by Raïssa Kengne earlier this year, alleging they were involved in a conspiracy against her.

Mr. Freeman’s own LinkedIn page describes him as an information security auditor who spent nearly 17 years with Ms. Kengne’s former employer.

Mr. Shinners, meanwhile, is identified in Ms. Kengne’s lawsuit as the general manager of her apartment complex at 1280 West Peachtree St.


“We don’t believe this was random,” police say

Atlanta police said they believe the victims were specifically targeted, but are still looking for a motive.

“We do not believe these were indiscriminate acts of violence,” interim police chief Darrin Schierbaum said at a news conference Monday afternoon.

Mayor Andre Dickens said the woman was arrested before entering a restricted area and that “airport security has never been compromised”.


Suspect files lawsuit against her former employer

The Atlanta suspect appears to have filed a report lawsuit against her former employer and other parties in May, making the same allegations as in her LinkedIn posts.

In a 407-page complaint discovered by Kevin D Reyes, an open source intelligence analyst with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Raissa Djuissi Kengne accuses her former employer of conspiring with her construction management company, her neighbors and her own previous attorneys to retaliate. on her.

“This case concerns the retaliation, prosecution, intimidation, intimidation, threats, burglary, computer hacking, phone spoofng and other attacks to which the claimant has been subjected after reporting to the relevant authorities a violation of [various finance laws]the complaint reads.

In the version seen by The independentonly Ms Kengne’s neighbor Justin Mungal had so far responded in detail to the lawsuit, calling her complaint a “shotgun plea” and denying her claims.


Defendant’s LinkedIn posts mentioned buildings where the shooting took place

The Suspicious shooting in Atlanta appears to be an information security auditor who has posted on social media about an alleged conspiracy against her, The independent has found.

Atlanta transit chiefs told workers Monday that the suspect’s name was Raissa Kengne, according to the local news station. CBS 46.

And in the week before the shooting, a LinkedIn page belonging to one Raïssa Kengne posted a series of posts mentioning the same buildings where Monday’s murders took place.

Ms. Kengne, whose LinkedIn page identifies her as the chief executive of her own accountancy firm based in Atlanta, claimed that her former employer had targeted her for criminal acts, in cahoots with the manager of her apartment building.

“My house was broken into, my computers were hacked and my phones were faked,” she claimed, adding that she believed “evidence” had been removed from her safe.

A video showed her arguing with a police officer and complaining that a reported break-in at her home had not been properly investigated.

Ms. Kengne’s reports mentioned the same apartment building where Atlanta police said the first of the two victims of the shooting were shot Monday.

And the company she previously worked for has its Atlanta office in the same building where the third victim was shot.

Atlanta police have not yet identified the arrested suspect.


Is this the Atlanta suspect’s LinkedIn page?

A LinkedIn page has surfaced who appears to belong to the suspect in the Atlanta shooting.

The Atlanta subway service sent an email to employees who named the suspect Raissa Kengne CBS46.

Indeed, there is a LinkedIn page for a woman by that name, who lives in Atlanta, works as an information security auditor, and appears to match an early photo of the suspect.

The owner of the page made a series of unusual posts, alleging that one of her former employers had committed a criminal conspiracy against her in conjunction with her apartment building manager and posted videos of her interactions with the Atlanta Police Department.

The independent is doing further research.


Atlanta transit bosses name suspect

According to local news channel CBS46, the suspect may be a woman named Raissa Kengne.

The broadcaster reported that the Atlanta subway service, MARTA, sent an email to employees identifying the suspect as Ms. Kengne, warning them to watch out for her.

City police have not yet confirmed the suspect’s name.


What the police have said so far

Here is the latest statement from the Atlanta Police Department:

“On August 22, 2022, around 1:45 PM, officers responded to a shot from a person at 1280 W. Peachtree Street.

“On arrival, officers found two people who appeared to have been shot. One of the victims has died, the second has been taken to hospital for treatment.

“While at 1280 W. Peachtree Street, officers received another call from a person who had been shot at 1100 Peachtree Street. Once there, officers found 1 person who appeared to have been shot. The person was taken to hospital for treatment and has since passed away.

“The initial information indicates that an unknown woman is responsible for these incidents. Several officers turned up in the Midtown area and searched for the female suspect.

“The female suspect was at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and was taken into custody without incident.”

The department added that it is still investigating why the shootings took place and whether the victims were specifically targeted or were shot at random.

It said it is now reopening the Midtown area and several buildings there.


Pictures of the suspect

The Atlanta Police Department has released two photos of the person she believes is responsible for the shooting.



Police filmed searching taxis while hunting for shooting suspect

The Twitter account ATL Uncensored shared a video of city police searching cars with guns drawn as they hunted for the suspect in a downtown shooting that left one dead and two others injured.

Police eventually arrested a woman in connection with the shooting.

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