August 26, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news


French oil and gas giant TotalEnergies said Friday it has completed the sale of its stake in a Russian company that produces jet fuel.

The comment followed the publication on Thursday of an article by the French newspaper Le Monde reporting that the “French oil and gas giant and its local partner Novatek are operating a gas field whose product, once converted to kerosene, is used to fuel Russian warplanes.” to provide fuel. in the war in Ukraine. Terneftegaz, the company that manages the field, is 49% owned by TotalEnergies and 51% by Novatek.”

In response to the Le Monde report, TotalEnergies released a statement Friday saying that while Terneftegaz produces jet fuel at its Purovsky plant in Western Siberia, it does not have the certification to be sold in Russia.

“The entirety of stable condensate produced at the Purovsky plant from the raw material sourced from NOVATEK’s subsidiaries and affiliates, including Terneftegas, is supplied to the Ust-Luga processing complex in the Leningrad region. The range of products obtained during processing at the Ust-Luga complex includes jet fuel (Jet A-1) that is exported exclusively outside of Russia and does not even have the certification to be sold within the country,” said TotalEnergies.

The company said the media reports and calls to investigate its activities and activities by its joint companies “have absolutely no basis”.

The company then concluded that “no, TotalEnergies does not produce jet fuel for the Russian military.”

In response to that statement, TotalEnergies also said it has “sold its 49% stake in Russia’s Termokarstovoye gas field to Novatek” and that it “continues to apply its principles of conduct”.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba on Friday called on TotalEnergies to withdraw from Russia.

Kuleba said via Twitter that his country is “thankful to French President @EmmanuelMacron and the French people for supporting Ukraine”, but “against this background, it is a disgrace for France when French companies help the murder of Ukrainians and the destruction of our cities. @TotalEnergies, leave Russia!”

Earlier this year, TotalEnergies also announced that it would stop buying Russian oil and oil products by the end of 2022.

However, the company said natural gas from Russia will continue to decline.

“Unlike oil supply, it appears that Europe’s gas logistics capabilities will make it difficult to run without Russian gas for the next two to three years without affecting the continent’s energy supply,” TotalEnergies said in a statement.

The company said it will mobilize oil products from other places, especially diesel produced by the SATORP refinery in Saudi Arabia.

TotalEnergies contracts for Russian oil accounted for 12% of Russian diesel exports to the European Union in 2021, according to the statement.

The company reiterated that it does not operate any oil or gas fields or liquefied natural gas plants in Russia and is on track to phase out its operations in Russia, according to the statement.

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