Ben Kingsley to Play Trevor Slattery in Wonder Man Series at Disney+


Ben Kingsley is set to reprise the role of Trevor Slattery in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Wonder Man series at Disney+, Variety learned only from sources.

In June, it was first revealed that the show was in the works. It will focus on the Marvel character Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man. In the comics, Williams is the son of a wealthy industrialist whose business struggles with competition from Tony Stark’s Stark Industries. Williams then accepts an offer from villain Baron Zemo that grants him ionic superpowers, including super strength and durability. After battling the Avengers several times, Wonder Man finally joined their ranks.

Returning as Slattery, Kingsley believes reports that the show is intended to be a Hollywood satire, as Slattery has been determined to be a failed actor and Wonder Man has been an actor and stuntman in the comics. Exactly how Kingsley would play a part in the plot of the series and how many episodes he would appear in is being kept secret, but sources say he will play an important role.

Kingsley representatives declined to comment. Marvel Studios does not comment on projects in development.

Kingsley first played Slattery in ‘Iron Man 3’. In that film, Slattery is hired to play a terrorist leader known as The Mandarin, but his true identity is eventually revealed and he is arrested. He next appeared in the short film “All Hail the King”, which shows Slattery in prison before being broken out by someone who works for the real Mandarin. Most recently, Kingsley starred Slattery in “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.” He was captured by The Mandarin, Shang-Chi’s father Xu Wenwu, who kept him alive like a court jester. Shang-Chi and his friends eventually help him escape, and he in turn helps them defeat Wenwu.

The role reunites Kingsley with Destin Daniel Cretton, who directed and co-wrote “Shang-Chi” and will serve as executive producer and co-creator of the Wonder Man series.

Kingsley is one of the most celebrated actors of modern times, known for roles in such films as ‘Gandhi’, ‘Sexy Beast’, ‘House of Sand and Fog’, ‘Bugsy’ and ‘Schindler’s List’. He earned Academy Award nominations for the first four of the aforementioned films and won the Best Actor award for “Gandhi.” He has also been nominated four times for an Emmy and has starred in recent shows such as the Epix neo-noir series ‘Perpetual Grace Ltd’. and the Netflix miniseries version of “Watership Down.”

Kingsley is represented by CAA, Independent Talent Group and Goodman Genow.

Andrew Guest will serve as the main writer of the Wonder Man show. Cretton will be performing and possibly directing the series, in addition to co-creating with Guest. Cretton currently has an overall deal with Marvel Studios and Onyx Collective, the announcement of which coincided with the announcement that Cretton would return to direct and write the sequel to “Shang-Chi”.

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