Bungie Promises End To Vaulting, No Destiny 3 For A Long Time


Concept art for Destiny 2 shows Guardians celebrating in a parade in the Last City.

Image: Bungie

Lot 2‘s most controversial practice is no more. Bungie confirmed during his 2022 showcase today that no more of the loot shooter content will be vaulted. That announcement comes after a lot complaints from fans in recent years, as large parts of the game were removed to make room for new expansions.

As of the 2020 release of Beyond the light, Bungie has “vaulted” previous content, removed entire campaigns and planets to try to keep the game’s digital footprint and technical requirements within reasonable limits. But that has also resulted in the loss of any semblance of an entry point for new players, as well as the erasing of some of Lot 2best story is true (I’m looking at you, Deserted).

“We have also worked on the Destiny engine behind the scenes, preparing our technology and our game to last for many, many years to come, because Lot 2 is not going anywhere and neither are your extensions,” Lot 2 General Manager, Justin Truman, said during the showcase Tuesday. “Since we first interacted with the Darkness on the Moon, we want this story to be fully playable from start to finish, and we’re excited to announce today that we don’t plan to release any more expansions. bring.”

Destiny 2 developers on stage at the 2022 showcase pledge to stop pulling content off the air.

Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

What Truman is saying is that Bungie wants some degree of continuity between the launch of shadow retention in 2019 and the conclusion of the Saga of Light and Darkness with The final form sometime in 2024. That four-part arc revolves around meeting The Darkness and his agents, and is a good starting point to stop pruning. Seasonal content, meanwhile, will seemingly still filter out every year.

An obvious distraction from Truman’s little speech was that: Lot 3 doesn’t come soon, if at all. Destiny launched in 2014 with Activision as its publisher, a company notorious for aggressive year-long expansion of game sequels. Bungie broke out of the Duty maker in 2019, however, and was purchased by Sony earlier this year. The launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X would have been a natural pairing for Lot 3but instead Bungie released a new generation update for Lot 2 end of 2020.

This puts the game in line with other big MMOs like World of Warcraft and warframe, which are constantly repeating rather than rebuilding from scratch every few years. And while it’s certainly more sustainable from a development standpoint, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed. I would like to see it Destiny take some big risks and then make some big changes The final form concludes. We’ll see if it can still handle that evolution on the existing base launched in 2017.

Truman, of course, just said that’s what Bungie intended to do, and plans can always change, especially if the technical limitations get too big later on. Destiny has promised (and done) many things over the years that later changed course. Hopefully an end to curvaceous content isn’t one of them. And only time will tell if the stuff that was already banned will ever get a second chance.

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