Capcom Fighting Collection free title update now available


Capcom has released a free title update for: Capcom Fighting Collectionthose new quality of life improvements, colorblind accessibility options for Super Puzzle Fighter II Turboa new Smooth Filter, visible hit boxes in training mode and more.

Download the patch notes below.

  • Game System
    • Added Features
      • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo – A new option “Gem Colors” has been added to the EX settings of the game. You can choose between the original palette of gemstone colors and up to 6 different alternative palettes.
      • Hyper Street Fighter II – A new “Difficulty Table” option has been added to the EX settings of the game. You can choose between a difficulty table for CPU opponents based on the English version or the Japanese version.
      • Display filter / display size – “Type H” has been added to the display filter options. You can now also preview the game screen when you adjust the display filter options and display size.
      • A “Shaked Slideshow” Feature has been added to the gallery.
    • Bug fixes
      • darkstalkers – Phobos: Fixed an issue where knocking out an opponent with Circuit Scrapper would sometimes not transition into a Victory Stance. (This is a bug from the original game.)
      • Vampire Savior / Vampire Hunter 2 / Vampire Redeemer 2 Fixed an issue where selecting TURBO would set the speed to NORMAL even if the speed select option was set to “Free Select” options 1 through 3.
      • Super Gem Fighter – Fixed an issue where the game speed was set to 1 when the speed select option was set to “Free Select”, regardless of which selection was made.
      • Nintendo Switch version: Fixed an issue that prevented players from viewing the leaderboards.
  • Online
    • Bug fixes
      • Casual and Ranked Match – Searches It is now easier to match with opponents when entering a standby search with only one game selected.
      • Custom Match Lobby Searches – Lobbies where a match is in progress now appear in search results. If you join one of these lobbies, a waiting message will be displayed and you will be able to join the lobby once the current game ends and players return to the lobby.
      • Fixed an issue that caused unintended audio bugs during rollback.
    • Added Features
      • Casual and Ranked Matches – It is now possible to cancel a match even after selecting “Yes” after matching with an opponent. In addition, if you leave a match, you will be asked afterwards if you want to come back to standby.
      • You can now measure an opponent’s latency by color. When matching opponents for loose and ranked matches, this is indicated by the color of the line below the game title. In custom match lobbies, this is indicated by the color of the player’s order number. You can now also change your input delay settings on either of these two screens.
        • Color code
          • Blue – 30 ms or less
          • Green – 31 – 60 ms
          • Yellow: 61 – 90 ms
          • Orange: 91 – 160 ms
          • Red: 161 ms or higher
    • Changes
      • You can now play up to 10 rematches in casual and ranked matches (up to 3).
    • Added Features (PS4 version)
      • Each player’s online ID is now displayed on the screen during matches.
  • Education
    • Added Features
      • A “Hit Boxes” display setting has been added to the workout options. Enable this setting to display character and effect hit boxes.
      • Super Gem Fighter /Hyper Street Fighter II / red earth – The seizure data display on the training mode screen now also shows stun data.
      • Vampire Savior / Vampire Hunter 2 / Vampire Redeemer 2 – A “Dark Force” option is now available in training mode. You can choose from normal behavior or infinite Dark Force meter.
      • Vampire Savior / Vampire Redeemer 2 – A “Gloomy Puppet Show” option is now available in training mode. You can choose normal (random) behavior for the move, or lock it to one of 6 different patterns.
      • Super Gem Fighter – An option “Avg Level” is now available in training mode. You can choose from normal behavior or lock a gem on a level from 1 to 3.
      • red earth
        • A “Character Level” option is now available in training mode.
        • Both bonus stages have been added to the stage selection in boss training mode.
        • A “Mystic Orb” option is now available in training mode and allows you to select infinite orbs of any individual element.
      • If you restart the match while moving left or right, you will now restart at the edge of the screen.
    • Changes
      • The pre-match intro no longer plays when the match is restarted.
  • Other
    • Changes
      • Hyper Street Fighter II – The background design in E. Honda’s stage, “JAPAN (E.Honda)”, has been updated.
  • Other minor bug fixes have been made.

Capcom Fighting Collection is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam.

Watch a new trailer below.

Free update trailer



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