CBS News projects Kathy Hochul wins in New York governor’s race; Returns come in across Tri-State


Maloney takes on Lawler in NY’s newly-drawn 17th congressional district


New York has an unusually high number of competitive congressional races this year.

Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney takes on Republican Mike Lawler in the 17th district. As CBS2’s Tony Aiello reports, it’s an important race as Republicans across the country hope to gain control of the House.

A brisk breeze was blowing and turnout was steady as voters in the newly drawn 17th congressional district made their pick.

Maloney and his husband, Randy Florke, voted near their home in Putnam County. The congressman said he planned a quiet election day.

“I like to walk in the woods sometimes, clear my head, and again, I think Election Day is a day to respect voters. We’ve had our chance to defend our cause; now it’s to them,” Maloney said.

He added that he planned to spend time thanking campaign volunteers.

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney battles for political life


Maloney hasn’t been in a close race since 2014, when he won by 3,000 votes. Reclassification means his district now includes many Rockland County residents that he never represented.

His campaign will closely monitor the return of Peekskill, a Democratic stronghold in north Westchester, and of Hasidic communities in Rockland, where Maloney won the support of influential rabbis.

Democratic insiders are cautiously optimistic but realistic – this race is judged as a tossup.

Since Maloney is leading Democrats’ efforts to retain Congress, Republicans would have a lot of fun knocking him out.

Maloney emphasized electoral integrity, abortion rights and gun control during the campaign, while also arguing that Democratic efforts to reduce inflation are starting to work.

It’s not just the reclassification that has made this an exciting race. House Republicans have helped funnel more than $8 million into the district, money largely spent on political advertising.

Lawler Tries to Evict Maloney in New York’s 17th Congressional District


As CBS2’s Kevin Rincon reports, Lawler, along with his wife Doina, voted in Pearl River and planned a last-minute campaign day.

“I will drive through the district. We have a truck with signs and storm the district and try to get people to vote,” he said.

Throughout his campaign, he has focused on economic issues — things like inflation and taxes — and campaigned against crime, calling for a change to save reform laws in the state.

He says his team has seen some high turnout figures, which he hopes will help, and if he emerges as the winner, it would be the first time in 42 years that a Republican has been the incumbent Democratic chairman. Congressional campaign committee.

Voters are no doubt eager to see the end of the race after both sides spent nearly $20 million on a barrage of attack ads.

Because a judge authorized Tuesday night to count the most absentee votes, both campaigns expect to know the winner before the night is over, rather than waiting until Wednesday.

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