Conor McGregor challenges Artem Lobov to a fight after revealing second lawsuit for defamation


Conor McGregor tries to settle his feud with Artem Lobov in the cage instead of in court.

On Tuesday, McGregor revealed on social media that he is apparently facing a second lawsuit from his former friend and teammate for defamation of character. Lobov initially filed a lawsuit earlier this week seeking millions in refunds after claiming he was instrumental in helping McGregor launch his popular Proper 12 whiskey brand.

McGregor and his partners sold a majority stake in Proper 12 to Proximo Spirits – the same company that owns Jose Cuervo tequila – for $600 million in 2021. Lobov is demanding 5% of the proceeds after claiming an agreement was made that wasn’t honored once the sale was completed.

Now McGregor claims a second lawsuit has been filed against him.

“Artem is now also trying to sue me and my father for defamation,” McGregor wrote on Twitter. “Oh lord, god bless you. Artem, you look like an uncooked sausage. Jump on the pan for a minute buddy, you look rough, mate. God bless you buddy.”

Lobov and his lawyers did not immediately return messages from MMA Fighting about the alleged libel lawsuit.

After McGregor’s initial post about the secondary lawsuit, he then posted an audio message aimed directly at Lobov, challenging him to a fight to settle their differences.

“This is a call to Artem, the fanny, fairy toad, Lobov,” McGregor said. “I challenge you to a fight tonight at 10:30 PM. I’ll meet you down at SBG Concorde and we’ll fight for the whole bunch. I have lawyers texting me about defamation and all that suing and stuff.

‘You’re a little blouse, mate. See you SBG Concord tonight at 10:30 PM and I’ll fight you all the way. Answer this damn call, you little blouse.

Prior to the court case, McGregor and Lobov were considered close friends for many years as they trained together under head coach John Kavanagh with both fighters living in Ireland.

Lobov was typically involved in all of McGregor’s training camps, often flanking the former two-division UFC champion during fight weeks around the world.

The Russian-born fighter, who retired in July 2021, was also involved in the heated rivalry between McGregor and former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. In a video posted ahead of UFC 223, Nurmagomedov and members of his team surrounded Lobov during a heated confrontation at the host hotel for the event.

That led to McGregor coming to New York and seeking revenge when he attacked a bus on which Nurmagomedov was a passenger, eventually leading to his arrest.

Now it appears all ties between McGregor and Lobov have been severed as their battle moves to the Irish courts.

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