Dead Island 2 Finally Shows New Gameplay After Eight Years


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eight years later, Dead Island 2 has made his triumphant return to Gamescom. The beleaguered zombie RPG showed off a beautiful new CGI trailer and a blistering role of zombie-crushing characters like Gallagher heading to town on a pallet of rotting watermelons. It comes out on February 3, 2023, almost exactly a year later The Great Gruesome Zombie RPG of 2022. Are you ready?

Dead Island 2The latest trailer showed Jacob, one of the six playable zombie slayers. According to the game’s developers, these are “larger than life” characters with “unique” dialogue that captures the game’s “pulpy” and “irreverent” tone. It also has a co-op campaign, a larger map, and a more complex mutilation system than its predecessors. But if you were to ask me to find out what sets the cursed project apart from other zombie games beyond the sun-kissed rendition of Venice Beach, I’d have no idea.

i have no idea if Dead Island 2 will be good, and at this point that almost feels off the mark. It has transcended the specifics of its sub-genre and has become a pure spectacle in the video game industry, such as Duke Nukem Forever and a handful of other projects that originated in one era and worked their way through years of development hell to another.

The game was infamously revealed back at E3 2014 featuring a CGI trailer showing a man unknowingly jogging while everyone behind him is eaten alive by zombies. A short gameplay trailer followed at Gamescom that summer which essentially showed what we saw today, albeit much less beautiful. Then the game disappeared. The original reveal trailer has been viewed over 24 million times on YouTube. The top commentary with over 50,000 likes reads: “I was 12 when this trailer came out. I’m 43 now.” That was three years ago.

The first Dead Island in 2011 was made by Techland. The Polish studio was supposed to make the sequel, but ended up being a parkour zombie hit Extinguishing light instead of. Then Yager Development came along. In 2015, publisher Deep Silver released the Spec Ops: The Line studio about conflicting views and engaged Sumo Digital in the UK. That didn’t work either. By 2019, parent company THQ Nordic (now one of Embracer’s many faces) announced that Dambuster Studios would be finishing the game with one of Deep Silver’s in-house studios, while new alpha builds started leaking online.

And now we are here. Dying light 2 released in February and was… fine. Or Dead Island 2 is better, worse, or just another meaty hack-fest, it will definitely be remembered as that game they refused to just let die.

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