Demetrious Johnson avenges, KOs Moraes


Demetrious Johnson has once again proved why he is one of the best ever to step into the cage.

ONE’s main event on Prime Video 1 saw the flyweight title on the line as Johnson (24-4-1) sought to avenge a previous title loss to Adriano Moraes at ONE on TNT 1 in 2021.

Johnson showcased pretty much every aspect of his MMA match against Moraes (20-4) in the rematch. From striking exchanges on the feet, to clinching against the fence, to menacing submissions from his back, Johnson’s showed everything in his bag.

While Moraes had success in the first two rounds of the fight, and Johnson even wobbled with a main kick, the tide started to turn in the third round as Johnson began to excel with a masterful standout display. Finally, on the fourth round, Johnson landed a stunning counter-right hand to take down Moraes, and the follow-up knee to the head sealed the win.

Johnson avenged the only knockout loss of his career by returning the favor and landing a knee knockout of his own to become the flyweight king of the ONE Championship.

The event took place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore, and the main card aired on Amazon Prime Video at 10pm ET after the prelims on Prime Video at 8pm ET, marking a new broadcast partnership.

The results of ONE’s MMA fights on Prime Video 1 include:

MAIN CARD (Prime Video, 10pm ET)

  • Demetrious Johnson def. Adriano Moraes via Knockout (Knee) – Round 4, 3:50 – For Flyweight Title
  • Marcus Almeida defeats. Kirill Grishenko via submission (heel hook) – Round 1, 1:04
  • Amir defeats Aliakbari. Mauro Cerilli via TKO (punches) – Round 2, 4:02

PRELIMINARY CARD (Prime Video, 8pm ET)

  • Itsuki defeats Hirata. Hequin Lin via unanimous decision
  • Zebasztian Kadestam def. Iuri Lapicus via Knockout (Punch) – Round 1, 0:57

Read on below for more details on each MMA fight.

Zebaztian Kadestam vs. Iuri Lapicus

After an initial exchange of strikes, Lapicus scored an early takedown, followed by a few punches and a knee to the head on the ground. Kadestam, however, quickly got the fight back on its feet. Moments later, Kadestam timed a nice uppercut that caught Lapicus clean and that was all he needed. Lapicus plunged coldly against the canvas. Wow.

Result: Zebasztian Kadestam def. Iuri Lapicus via Knockout (Punch) – Round 1, 0:57
To summarise: ONE on Prime Video 1: Watch Zebaztian Kadestam floor Iuri Lapicus in 57 seconds with cruel uppercut
Facts: Zebaztian Kadestam (14-7), Iuri Lapicus (14-2)
Division: middleweight
Broadcast: Prime Video
Referee: Herb Dean

Itsuki Hirata vs. Hequin Lin

Lin was the busier fighter to start, with quick kicks to the legs and combinations of punches above. Hirata’s patience was rewarded as she attacked and received some hard knocks. The opening round ended after a clinch battle against the fence.

In the second round, both fighters continued to exchange punches and kicks to the feet as they set out to commit a significant offense. Lin was again the more active fighter, but the round ended again with Hirata clinging and nearly finding submission on the mat.

Hirata seemed to clinch more often in the third round. With less than two minutes to go, she got Lin on the mat but was unable to secure her position. With 20 seconds to go, Hirata landed a big right hand to drop Lin. She rushed in to follow the finish line, but Lin survived until the end of the fight.

Result: Itsuki defeats Hirata. Hequin Lin via unanimous decision
Facts: Itsuki Hirata (6-1), Hequin Lin (15-4-1)
Division: Straw weight
Broadcast: Prime Video
Referee: Herb Dean

Amir Aliakbari vs. Mauro Cerilli

The first minute was an emotional process with the big heavyweights, but the action quickly picked up as both men landed thumping punches. Aliakbari caught a kick and used it to complete a takedown. Cerilli scrambled to his feet, but the clinch battle continued as Aliakbari checked from the back and eventually got it back to the mat. Aliakbari landed punches while transitioning to the crucifix, slashing Cerilli open with short elbows and getting close to the end of the fight.

Taking advantage of a tired Aliakbari, Cerilli started landing punches, even knocking out his mouthpiece. However, his offense was soon smothered as Aliakbari brought the fight back to the mat, found the crucifix again and continued his striking attack from the top until referee Herb Dean waved the fight off.

Result: Amir defeats Aliakbari. Mauro Cerilli via TKO (punches) – Round 2, 4:02
Facts: Amir Aliakbari (11-3), Mauro Cerilli (14-5)
Division: Heavyweight
Broadcast: Prime Video
Referee: Herb Dean

Marcus Almeida vs. Kirill Grishenko

Almeida started with a hard kick from the outside leg that knocked Grishenko off his feet. He did not follow him and the fight continued on foot, with Almeida dictating the pace of the fight. Moments later, he shot in for a takedown, but lost his balance. However, while still holding both legs, he transitioned smoothly into a heel hook and Grishenko tapped quickly.

Result: Marcus Almeida defeats. Kirill Grishenko via submission (heel hook) – Round 1, 1:04
Facts: Marcus Almeida (4-0), Kirill Grishenko (5-2)
Division: Heavyweight
Broadcast: Prime Video
Referee: Herb Dean

Adriano Moraes vs. Demetrious Johnson

An immediate hard kick to Johnson’s body kicked things off. The hunters spent the next few minutes exchanging a few blows as they moved around the cage. Johnson started taunting Moraes, who then brought the fight to the ground with a nice takedown. Off the watch, Moraes landed a few elbows, but Johnson was active in menacing submissions from his back. Moraes held onto the top position until the round ended.

Moraes landed nicely in an early exchange to start the second round. Johnson fired back, but was neatly caught by a main kick and wobbled. Moraes took the fight to the ground and unleashed a pair of grounded knees on the head. Johnson surfaced and pressed Moraes against the fence, but was knocked down again moments later. Moraes’ heavy top game was on display again as Johnson did what he could from his back.

Johnson stepped up the pressure to start third and landed clean attacks as Moraes circled on the outside. Johnson shot in and out with quick punches and elbows, keeping Moraes on the defensive in what was the best round for “Mighty Mouse” yet.

Moraes sought the clinch early in the fourth inning, but Johnson managed to slip away. However, the second clinch was more successful for the champion, with Johnson pinned against the fence and knees landing on the body. Johnson landed a few before breaking up. Back in the middle of the cage, some nice eye-catching exchanges took place. Johnson slipped a left hook from Moraes and countered with a hard right hand to send the champion to the canvas. Johnson then ran in with one knee to the head for the walk-off knockout. What a finish!

Result: Demetrious Johnson def. Adriano Moraes via knockout (knee) – Round 4, 3:50
Facts: Adriano Moraes (20-4), Demetrious Johnson (24-4-1)
Division: flyweight
Broadcast: Prime Video
Referee: Olivier Coste

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