Democrats pick up Pennsylvania Senate seat in boost to their hopes of holding chamber



Democrats will get a GOP-occupied Senate seat in Pennsylvania, CNN projects, in a huge boost to their hopes of clinging to the chamber.

Democratic candidate John Fetterman – who is recovering from a stroke – will narrowly defeat Mehmet Oz, in a rebuke from ex-President Donald Trump, who had supported the GOP candidate before the primary.

The win means the Democrats now have some breathing room in their bid to maintain control of the 50-50 chamber as the count continues in other key races in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Wisconsin.

Republicans went into the night and needed a net gain of one seat in the room to take control. They must now hold on to Wisconsin and win two of the three Democrats’ seats in Arizona, Nevada and Georgia to gain the majority.

The Democratic victory in Pennsylvania — the rare swing state that President Joe Biden set out for this fall — underscores how the red wave Republicans hoped for is yet to come. The GOP has been making slower-than-expected gains in the House, while the Democrats have also won a few seats. The GOP has been making slower-than-expected gains in the House, while the Democrats have also won a few seats.

Senate Republicans fell short in New Hampshire and Colorado, where Democratic Senate Maggie Hassan and Michael Bennet will win reelection, CNN projects.

Democrats also fell short in two states that had proved surprisingly competitive heading into Election Day. Republicans will cling to CNN projects in North Carolina and Ohio, denying Democrats the chance to win seats that could have mitigated any future losses.

Republicans had hoped to sweep a trio of Virginia House districts en route to a landslide in the House. They will take one major victory in a Commonwealth clock district. CNN Projects Republican Jen Kiggans Will Call Democratic Rep. Defeating Elaine Luria, the only member of the select committee investigating the January 6, 2021 uprising, who faced a competitive general election.

Luria had put the fight to save American democracy at the heart of her closing message, but she fell short in a district that got slightly better for Republicans in the realignment. The race was one of the most watched races in the country — seen Tuesday night as an early indicator of Republican strength.

But in another key Virginia district, Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger retained her seat, CNN projects, in a district that has become bluer with the realignment.

In Georgia, Republican government Brian Kemp will beat Democrat Stacey Abrams, CNN projects, in their rematch. Kemp was targeted by Trump during the primaries for refusing to undo the 2020 presidential results in Georgia. But Kemp largely ignored those attacks and insisted on his reputation as a conservative who had helped the state’s economy recover after the Covid-19 pandemic. His strategy may provide a template for other Republicans who have crossed over into Trump.

In Pennsylvania’s governor race, one of the most prominent pro-Trump election deniers, Republican Doug Mastriano, will fall for rising star Democrat Josh Shapiro, CNN projects.

In Arizona, where all four GOP nominees at the top of the list have repeated Trump’s lies about the 2020 election, right-wing media seized the tabulator issues in Maricopa County to raise the idea of ​​fraud — despite conflicting assurances from county officials. officials — in a clear echo of repeated attempts by some conservatives to question Maricopa’s 2020 results.

Arizona is a major battleground for governor and senate this year and is likely to run for president again in 2024, prompting warnings that the GOP’s embrace of Trump’s election warnings and conspiracy theories could endanger democracy if they take power. would come.

Charlie Kirk, the founder and president of the right-wing group Turning Point USA, tweeted a false claim about two-hour waiting times in the province, which was home to repeated partisan “audits” in 2020. A Maricopa County judge on Tuesday night rejected an offer by Republicans to extend voting hours by three hours, because there was no evidence that voters could not exercise their right to vote.

Two early calls in Florida underlined the GOP strength in the state. Sen. Marco Rubio will be re-elected, CNN projects, defeating Democratic Rep. Val Demings. And Governor Ron DeSantis, a potential challenger to ex-President Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican presidential primaries, will win reelection in a victory that will boost his national ambitions.

And in Alabama, Republican Katie Britt, who was backed by Trump, will easily win the seat vacated by retiring GOP Senator Richard Shelby, becoming the state’s first elected female senator. In another historic race, CNN predicts that Arkansas Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former Trump White House press secretary, will become the state’s first female governor, a position once held by her father, former GOP executive. presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

History was also written in blue states. In Massachusetts, Maura Healey becomes the state’s first elected female governor and the nation’s first lesbian governor, CNN Projects. And Democrat Wes Moore will serve as Maryland’s first black governor.

Early exit polls revealed a nation gripped by economic pessimism. About three-quarters of voters felt negative about the economy, with about 4 in 10 saying it was downright bad, according to preliminary national results from the exit poll Edison Research conducted for CNN and other news outlets. A third of the electorate said inflation was the main point of their vote, while about 27% cited abortion — the issue Democrats hoped could give them a boost after the Supreme Court overthrown Roe v. Wade.

The frustration at Washington’s inability to cut costs significantly had left Democrats on shaky ground, even in reliably blue states like California, Oregon and New York en route to Election Day. The last two feature surprisingly competitive governor games. And there are more than enough contested seats in those states alone for Republicans to win the House majority.

Republicans have already pledged to launch investigations into the administration and cripple its agenda if they win the House majority, and many of their nominees have echoed Trump’s election warnings, leading to Biden’s repeated warnings about threats to democracy.

The midterms will serve as a critical testing ground for Trump, who has cast a long shadow over the Republican Party as he has used appearances for the nominees he has elevated to tease his likely 2024 presidential run.

The former president appeared before Vance Monday night in Ohio and said he would make a big announcement at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Nov. 15. CNN had previously reported that its aides were eyeing the third week of November for a campaign launch — timing that would allow Trump to take credit for GOP successes in the meantime.

Ahead of a potential rematch with Trump, Biden’s lingering approval ratings have made him an unwelcome presence on the campaign trail in swing states. He spent election rallies in Maryland for Moore and a few days earlier in New York for Democratic Chief Executive Kathy Hochul.

Republican momentum in the latter part of the campaign—particularly in the House race—had alerted the White House to the potential future frustrations of governing in a divided Washington. The GOP has already promised ruthless investigations and hearings targeting the Justice Department, the government’s border policies, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the president’s son, Hunter Biden. In an exclusive interview with CNN on Sunday, House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy left the door open for impeachment proceedings against the president.

A divided administration in Washington could allow Biden to veto Republican plans to extend Trump-era tax cuts and thwart any attempt to pass a national abortion ban. But it can also lead to fiscal clashes and the threat of government shutdowns. There is also a looming clash over raising the debt ceiling.

This story has been updated with additional developments.

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