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  • Fixed an issue where the treasure object could be duplicated. This contributed to the inflation in the intergalactic economy, and we can’t have that.


  • Fixed an issue where the A Single Thread quest would not complete when players completed Duality on Master difficulty.

The Fall of the King

  • Fixed an issue where DPS for Golgoroth would sometimes not end correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where King’s Fall Carries stats called seasonal carries instead of weekly carries.
  • Fixed an issue where the total number of badges was incorrect.

Gameplay and investment


  • Lower damage resistance levels in PvP (used by Omnioculus and Whisper of Chains)
      • Level 1: 10% to 2.5%
      • Level 2: 15% to 5%
      • Level 3: 20% to 7.5%
      • Level 4: 25% to 10%


  • Fixed an issue where certain bows would reload themselves while in storage.
  • Fixed an issue where having Quicksilver Storm in grenade mode could cause excessive recoil on other weapons and other badness.
  • Fixed an issue where the Season 18 Season Machine Gun and Sidearm had two Masterwork slots.
  • Fixed an issue where most Heavy Grenade Launchers dealt significantly more damage than intended.


  • Fixed an issue where the Combination Blow melee ability was able to constantly stagger boss fighters.
  • Fixed an issue where Combination Blow’s scalar melee damage also applied to Tempest Strike.
  • Fixed an issue where Combination Blow’s melee energy regeneration bonus would also apply while Tempest Strike was equipped.
      • Developer’s Note: We normally don’t normalize the melee ability regeneration rate for melee modifiers like Tempest Strike or Consecration, as most of our melee skills have a relatively small delta in base cooldown times in between. However, because the cooldown reduction on Combination Blow is so significant and integral to base melee behavior, we chose to do it here to better understand where Tempest Strike lies in terms of effectiveness and uptime, which would have been difficult with a cooling time of possibly 15 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage resistance offered by the Flow State Aspect and Arc Staff Super during dodge was significantly higher than intended in PvP.
  • Fixed an issue where the Striker and Stormcaller subclasses were not taking advantage of Resilience-based PvE damage resistance and Incoming Blink reduction.
  • Fixed an issue where Tempest Strike could retain its energy when activated after sliding off a ledge.

Power and progression

  • Fixed an issue where completing the weekly Master Ketchcrash challenge would not yield any gear.


  • The Loyal Companion’s charity emote has been removed so it didn’t appear in the archive by accident.

Platforms and Systems

  • Fixed an issue on Stadia where some settings labels were missing under the Vehicles section.


  • Fixed an issue where ornaments would sometimes show as property even though they weren’t.
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not claim Prime Rewards from Amanda Holliday.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a very loud noise to play when a team swipes at Golgoroth’s Drained of Light mechanic.

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