eBay Collector Seeks 1 Million For 50 Years’ Of Gaming Consoles


A huge collection showcases countless video game consoles.

Image: Kaori30 / Kotaku

While many a collector can claim to have any number of rare video games and memorabilia, few or none, own a majority of every console variant manufactured in the past 50 years. But that’s exactly what a French-based collector has just auctioned off some 2,400 different consoles – from standard edition to special editions to variations never officially for sale – for the cool asking price of €984,000.00, or about a million dollars. .

Listed on French eBay and spotted by consolevariations.com, video game uber enthusiast Kaori30’s sale includes some 2,400 consoles, “from the first to the very last”, a number of games for said consoles, and a lot of nice statues and other collectibles for video games. While the current “Buy It Now” price of nearly $1 million may be way out of your budget (not to mention how much storage space you’ll need), the photos and videos of the Kaori30 collection are well worth checking out. For example, check out their Sega collection


Kotaku contacted Kaori30.

A Google translation of the eBay listing reveals that Kaori30 started collecting in the early 1990s, before perhaps collecting was considered a thing. The road to this current mega collection was not without some back and forth, as they sold their entire 90s collection around the turn of the century.

Although they continued to collect into the 00s, they came to an end in 2011 when they stopped due to “lack of time” and the difficulty of finding rare items. But the story doesn’t stop there.

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In 2018, they “fall back into the trap” of collecting after visiting Tokyo, where they bought almost everything they sold before. That twist is what leads them to this mammoth collection of the most consoles ever made all in one place. And it is a feast for the eyes. As they say on their eBay auction, they don’t believe it’s possible to find some of these items anymore, even if one had the financial means. They also suggest that their beautiful collection may well be suitable for a museum.

I don’t have the wallet nor the space to even think about such a thing, but it sure is nice to have the Pictures and videos and imagine the wild logistics. There are things in there that I didn’t know existed!

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