Elden Ring Player Proves Faith Builds Rule With One Shot Kills


Matthew "Your average gamer" Farnkopf stands by as Elden Ring's final boss, the Elden Beast, collapses behind their faith/lightning-based Tarnished.

Elden RingFaith’s stats are pretty flexible to build around, especially since developer FromSoftware has incorporated so many incantations and spells into the game. Still, it tends to see very little use high-level like YouTuber Your average gamer put it in an email to Kotaku Dot Com, people claim to be not as good as other in-game stats like the health-determining force. In an effort to prove the masses wrong, Your Average Gamer put their fervent belief in faith to the test. Not only did they take on the hardest difficulty setting, they definitely destroyed a number of bosses, including those like Radagon and the Elden Beast, in one attack. It’s crazy!

Matthew “Your Average Gamer” Farnkopf Is A YouTuber Dedicated To Composing “Crazy” Elden Ring builds.” They have a video about destroying Malenia in 90 seconds, another one that breaks down the effectiveness of Godrick the Grafted’s Great Axand another on the ultimate status effect build. In short, Matt has spent a lot of time of Elden Ring since it fell on February 25. And yet it’s still remarkable they could find a one shot build powerful enough to take out two of the game’s toughest bosses, Radagon of the Golden Order and the Elden Beastwith an assortment of gear and incantations on New Game Plus Seven, the highest difficulty Elden Ring currently has to offer. Each round of new game plus retains all of your gear and stats, while increasing the overall damage output and health pool of the enemies around you, meaning Your Average Gamer’s run is some seriously gnarly shit.

From Software

It looks like Matt is just throwing things to throw things during the fight, but there is actually an order for the madness. like them explained in a short video explaining what they’ve called the “ultimate PvE build,” Matt first throws the howl of Shabriri and golden vow incantations for some initial status effects, such as madness build up for attack power and attack denial respectively. They then poison themselves to increase their intelligence stats and temporarily increase lightning damage, the latter being especially important when combined with the only attack spell Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strikea late game skill found in the labyrinthine legacy dungeon Crumbling Farum Azula. After a quick buffing session, Matt turns to their gear for even more buffs:the Grind Stone Seal to increase the damage of Dragon Cult/lightning-related incantations, the jellyfish shield for 20% more damage for 30 secondsand the Kindred of Rot’s Exultation Talisman to increase the attack power by 20% for 20 seconds when poison or rot is nearbyamong other things, before entering the battle arena to show the bosses what’s going on.

They were curtains when Matt stepped in front of Radagon. They cast the Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike, a multi-strike attack that sends several lightning bolts down to strike in a specific area, and watched the hammer-wielding god’s health bar melt away in seconds. The same thing happened to the hulking Elden Beast, and you guys, I’m… gag reflex RN.

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Matt told Kotaku via email that they wanted to dispel the myth pervading the gaming community that “belief” [builds aren’t] almost as good as magic.” It took them “nearly 20 hours of trial and error” to find the right combination of gear and incantations to do the damage necessary to defeat Radagon and the Elden Beast in one go, and the results were stunning.

“I was especially inspired to prove that something that many said couldn’t be done could actually be done…even on the hardest difficulty,” Matt said. “Getting this done on Journey Three gave me hope that it was technically possible. Once again to prove how powerful faith can be!”

Matt, to put it plainly, loves faith. It’s one of their favorite stats to build characters around, and a central theme to the game in general. Still, getting things just right to accomplish this feat was a chore, something that forced them to “stop twice” because of the time-consuming activity. Regardless of the frustrations, Matt said they were “happy” [to have] stuck it out’ eventually.

“So I’m physically disabled,” Matt said. “I have ongoing daily stomach problems that can sometimes become/have become serious. I had just overcome a flare-up of colitis that required me to go to the emergency room. After failing so many times over several hours, I found myself possibly going back into a new one. flare-up. So I relaxed, calmed myself and divided my time. From that point on, I established hours that I would do it and took the pressure off all by myself. The moment I said ‘Okay, if someone else does it, that’s fine,” I was able to relax. Shortly after, I succeeded!”

From Software

Do a one-shot kill in Elden Ring is impressive but not entirely new. There was one Redditor in April who killed the infamous Tree Sentinel in one fell swoop and another speedrunner who made a glass cannon in May to beat bosses with a single blow of their hammer. While it may not be that fresh, it’s still a cool sight to take down FromSoftware’s infamously challenging enemies in one fell swoop. I wish I was patient enough to do this.

While Matt is defeated Elden Ring a few times now he is not finished with the game. They hope FromSoftware adds new content in the form of “very challenging bosses, just like” Dark Souls 3‘s DLC” or “another late game peak that would test us again.” Until then, Matt is once more roaming the Lands Between looking for new builds to experiment with.

“I’ve retired the lightning build/character,” Matt said. “He’s kind of a legacy for me now. I’m starting fresh on a new build and going to focus on exploring and the next cool build I can think of. Elden Ring is a fantastic game, and the community is great! And remember ‘Find Lightning!’”

It is worth noting that while FromSoftware dropped patch 1.06 for the game, Matt said their ultimate PvE build is still effective against the game’s bosses. If you want to try out Matt’s full build for yourself, go here:

  • Gravel Stone Seal or Golden Order Seal
  • jellyfish shield
  • mushroom crown
  • Stinky Pots
  • Neutralizing Boluses
  • Blood sword for health damage
  • Godfrey Icon
  • Lightning Scorpio Charm
  • Kindred of Roy’s Exultation
  • Red Feathered Branch Sword
  • Old prayer book (for the incantation)
  • Lightning Envelope Cracked Tear
  • Intelligence Node Crystal Tear
  • Howl of Shabriri Incantation
  • Golden vow invocation

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