Ender Lilies Dev Announces Redemption Reapers, A New “Dark Fantasy Tactical RPG” Coming Early 2023


If you’re a fan of tactical RPGs, you’ll want to make sure that Redemption Reapers is coming to Switch in February 2023.

This dark fantasy tactical RPG developed by Adglobe and Binary Haze Interactive (ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights) is brought to life by industry greats such as Masayuki Horikawa – known for working on the Fire Emblem series as a director and screenplay/level designer, as well as Kingdom Hearts III planning.

Here’s a bit about the story and what to expect from the gameplay, courtesy of the PR:

Hope fades across the land after the sudden appearance of the ruthless Mort armies. Efficient as they are, the macabre forces descend on civilizations, leaving destruction in the wake of their nightly assaults. As entire nations fall prey to the Mort onslaught, the Ashen Hawk Brigade, a contingent of mercenaries specialized in surprise tactics, join forces to fight back against the invading legions.

Lead the Ashen Hawk Brigade in tactical skirmishes on 3D maps. Use strategic moves, sending units across the battlefield before commanding to attack, defend, or deploy skills each turn. Overcome seemingly insurmountable odds by mastering stealthy attacks for extra damage or powerful combo attacks from multiple brigade members.

Make sure every brigade member is fit for the trials ahead by equipping the party with powerful gear. Convert hard-earned loot from victory into resources for crafting mighty weapons and armor. Upgrade skills to unlock combat skills that can turn a gang of underdogs into courageous champions.

Make your way through the Mort and discover a gripping, mature story of wartime struggle. Witness powerful moments between members of the brigade during fully voiced cutscenes (recorded in English and Japanese audio) as combatants learn more about their allies and the world around them. Guide the Ashen Hawk Brigade’s rise from obscurity to folk heroes as members grapple with their dark past as a deadly – and despised – organization called “Faithless Reapers”.

It will also feature a “star-studded” voice cast including Kyle McCarley, Allegra Clark, David Lodge and Lucien Dodge. These people contributed to series like 13 sentries, NieR: Automata, dragon age, Person 5, Final Fantasy XVFire Emblem and the Paths series.

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