FBI documents reveal further information about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s 2016 plane incident


LOS ANGELES — Angelina Jolie said Brad Pitt accused her of “ruining this family” during a heated — and sometimes physical — showdown aboard their private jet in 2016, according to an FBI report on the incident originally reported in 2017 involving both parties was shared. report, which has not been made public, was obtained by NBC News on Tuesday.

In a recently closed lawsuit against the FBI, filed under the Freedom of Information Act, a “Jane Doe” was named as the petitioner to release the FBI documents. The details of what is being sought in the most recent filing are unclear, and a lawyer for Jane Doe said in April she was unable to comment on her client’s identity. But the lawyer noted that this client “searched for such data for years, but was stopped and had to resort to legal action to receive the necessary data.”

The original filing, which was reviewed by NBC News in March, described the plaintiff as a woman, saying that “her then-husband and their children, who were all minors at the time, were traveling on a private plane,” when the “husband was reportedly physically and verbally assaulted Plaintiff and the children, who “experienced lasting physical and mental trauma as a result of the assault”. in the FBI report.

Jolie’s representatives did not respond to requests for comment. Pitt representatives declined to comment. The FBI has also declined to discuss the matter.

But sources familiar with the ongoing legal battle between the two accuse Jolie of allegedly seeking to disclose this document through FOIPA.

“This report was given to both sides almost six years ago. We both had it, in its entirety,” sources told NBC News. “The last paragraph (…) is very clear and concise about the fact that all parties, all law enforcement officers have agreed on the decision not to press charges. “This was not like a close call. They did their research as it should be. And the decision was made in consultation with all parties.”

In November 2016, the FBI and the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) closed an investigation into allegations of physical abuse involving Pitt and his children, which resulted from a September 2016 incident aboard a private plane with Pitt, Jolie and their children on board. children. A source close to Pitt at the time said: “He is emphatic that it has not reached the level of physical abuse, that no one has been physically harmed. He didn’t punch his kid in the face in any way. He didn’t; he is emphatic about that. He put his hands on him, yes, because the confrontation got out of hand.”

No criminal charges have ever been filed against Pitt. Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt in September 2016, with irreconcilable differences being the reason for the split. Jolie accused Pitt in 2018 of not paying “meaningful” child support for over a year. Despite being legally single in April 2018, custody issues are ongoing. The split between the pair – once known as “Brangelina” by fans – was very public.

The FBI report outlines Jolie’s stance of what she described as a thrilling, hour-long flight in which she said Pitt had been drinking.

In a 2017 GQ article, Pitt said he struggled with alcohol and had stopped drinking.

According to the FBI report, Jolie accused Pitt of pouring beer on her during that September 2016 trip that ended at Los Angeles International Airport.

Pitt appeared to disagree with his then-wife’s parenting while flying at the end of a two-week family trip, according to the report, which did not mention the original city.

Jolie and her six children were on the run, and the “Tomb Raider” actor said she could “see that (edited) was crazy,” in clear reference to Pitt, the report said.

Jolie said when she asked him what was going on, he reportedly replied, “That kid looks like a f—– Columbine kid.”

“She recalled (edited) going further and saying things like, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing,'” in clear reference to her upbringing, the report continued.

They went to the back of the plane, hoping to keep away from the children’s ears, Jolie told the FBI.

Pitt allegedly “grabbed her by the head, shook her, followed by grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking” before hitting “about four times on the ceiling of the plane,” she said.

According to the report, at least one child witnessed the confrontation and asked, “Are you okay, Mommy” before Pitt reportedly yelled, “No Mommy isn’t okay. She’s destroying this family. She’s crazy.”

When someone else on the plane shot back at Pitt, “It’s not her, it’s you, you asshole,” Jolie told her to grab her husband around the neck to keep him from attacking that person.

Pitt spilled wine on an airplane seat, causing $25,000 in damage before also pouring “beer all over her and the blanket she was under” with her children, according to the FBI report.

“AJ (Jolie) said she didn’t want another blanket because she didn’t want to pay attention to it,” the report said.

Jolie said she was injured in the battle, according to the report, which included photos of an injured hand and elbow.

Jolie said, according to the report, that when the plane landed, they couldn’t get off the plane as Pitt would erupt, “You’re not going anywhere. You’re not getting off this damn plane. F— all of you. I’m fucking leaving you .”

The report states that it is based on an FBI interview with Jolie and that she was on board with six of her children.

She is referred to as “AJ” throughout the report, while everyone else’s name has been redacted.

Five weeks after the flight, federal prosecutors announced they would not press charges against Pitt.

“This author has provided both AUSAs (Assistant US Attorneys) with copies of a probable cause statement related to this incident,” the FBI said in the report.

“After reviewing the document, a representative of the U.S. Attorney General discussed the merits of this investigation with the agent. All parties agreed that criminal charges in this case would not be prosecuted due to several factors.”

When asked about the recent lawsuit, a source familiar with the Jolie case said, “Why are you anonymously filing a FOIA request to try and get the same information again? And the only reason to do it? is for media purposes because six years later she still has nothing to talk about but this. This is information she’s had for six years. How does it benefit anyone in that family to release this now so many years later?

Jolie’s representatives did not respond to requests for comment regarding the motivation for the freedom of information data request.

Diana Dashrath and Andrew Blankstein reported from Los Angeles and David K. Li from New York City.

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