Frontline workers to begin receiving hundreds in “hero pay” this week


The Senate DFL faction has released a statement about the impending “hero reward” to be handed out to the Minnesotans soon, saying they were “already way overdue and will help more than 1 million Minnesotans whose sacrifices were pivotal to Minnesota. by piloting more than two years of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.”

“This is a good day for all Minnesotans who understand that we owe our state’s frontline workers our gratitude for all they did during the darkest days of the pandemic. They had to go to work without the option to stay home, and they got the Minnesotans through a very difficult time.Without their sacrifices, the health and economic crisis caused by the pandemic would have been much worse.These bonus checks – although not as large as we would have supported – recognize those sacrifices and many of them will While we have taken this step to help our frontline workers, DFLers also know that our work helping working families in Minnesota will never be finished, and we will continue that important work going into the future.”

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller, a Republican, made the following statement:

“I applaud our frontline workers who took great risks during the pandemic. They deserve our appreciation and respect for all they’ve done and continue to do to keep us safe. While 1 million Minnesotans get a small thank you for their work during the pandemic Right now, Senate Republicans will continue to fight for permanent tax cuts so that every working Minnesotan will see a “bonus payment” in every paycheck — week after week, month after month, year after year.”

And both Democratic Governor Tim Walz and his Republican challenger in this year’s election, Dr. Scott Jensen, have made their own statements.

“I am grateful for the work Minnesotans have done to help people in our state stay healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Walz said. “Frontline workers are an important part of the fabric of our state and have helped us operate through the pandemic. Now I am proud to say that these workers will receive $487.45 in recognition from the state of Minnesota.”

“For those Minnesotans who are disappointed that they are either one of the 200,000 who were turned away, or those whose checks are now smaller than expected, remember that if Walz’s waste, fraud and abuse were eradicated, you could potentially spend an extra $1,000 on it.” your bank account might have to fight crushing inflation at the grocery store or gas pump,” Jensen said. “If elected in November, we will aggressively address government incompetence and introduce safeguards aimed at eliminating fraud and waste within our state government.”

The Valley Voice
The Valley Voice
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