Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker described himself as living in Texas during 2022 campaign speech



Herschel Walker, a Georgia Republican senate nominee who faced renewed and growing questions about his residency in the final week of the second campaign, described himself as living in Texas during a campaign speech in January and said he decided to run for office. run for the Georgia Senate seat while in Texas. “home,” according to a CNN KFile review of his campaign speeches.

Democrats in Georgia have called for an investigation by state officials into Walker’s whereabouts after CNN’s KFile reported last week that Walker received a tax break in Texas intended for a primary residence, potentially violating Texas tax laws and some rules for establishing a residence. residency in Georgia to vote and run for office.

“I live in Texas,” Walker said in January of this year when speaking to Republicans at the University of Georgia College. Walker criticized the Democrats for not visiting the border when he made the comments. “I occasionally went to the border,” he said.

Earlier in the speech, Walker said he decided to run for Georgia’s Senate seat while at his home in Texas after seeing the country divided.

“Everyone asks me why I decided to run for a Senate seat. Because to be honest, this is never something I ever, ever, ever in my life thought I would ever do,” Walker said. And that’s the honest truth, sitting in my home in Texas, sitting in my home in Texas, and I saw what was going on in this country, I saw what was going on in this country with how they people tried to divide.”

The Georgia Republican is heading for a runoff election against Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock on Dec. 6. Walker and his campaign have not yet commented to CNN or others about the tax break coverage or questions about his residence.

On Monday, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported that a complaint urged Georgia authorities to investigate Walker’s residence. Georgia Democrats in a statement called for an immediate investigation into Walker’s residency, and Congresswoman Nikema Williams, the chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia, also asked authorities to see if Walker was lying about life in Georgia.

“The Georgia Bureau of Investigations and the Georgia Attorney General’s Office should immediately investigate whether Herschel Walker lied about being a Georgia resident,” Williams said.

A CNN KFile review of some of Walker’s media appearances and events from 2021 and 2022 shows that Walker made at least four appearances on Fox News and other conservative media outlets from his home in Texas after his candidacy for the Senate seat in Georgia announced.

The interviews at his home in Texas took place twice in September 2021 and in February and March 2022.

Prior to the announcement, all of Walker’s media appearances on Fox News and other conservative media outlets, about 20 in all, took place in Texas.

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