GTA Maker Is Now Copyright Striking GTA Prototype Videos


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For a video game series about irreverent satire, Rockstar takes over legal control Grand Theft Auto extremely serious. The studio and parent company, Take-Two, are notorious for cracking down on mods and fan projectsbut now it looks like she’s behind one of the original creators of GTA himself.

Rockstar North co-founder Michael Dailly accused the company of forcing him to remove prototype footage that inspired the series from YouTube with a copyright complaint against his channel. “I see Rockstar going full fuckers mode again and issuing copyright warnings to every GTA video they can find – including both of my prototype videos,” he said. tweeted during the weekend. “So now they’re trying to block all releases of someone’s work on a game — and all the old development footage.”

Dailly, Rockstar and Take-Two did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Earlier this year, Dailly . uploaded two short clips on his YouTube channel showing off the early prototypes for an isometric city he built, which would form the basis for the first two GTA spell. He had previously only screenshots tweeted from what he described in 2019 as the “isometric rendering engine” which later evolved into a “rotating isometric engine”. “Then I built the ‘Top Down Perspective Engine’ that later became GTA1,” he said tweeted at the time. The images on YouTube are now gone.

“For those who ask – yes, I’ve deleted everything now GTA dev stuff. Only direct examples of my own work remain – work that has never been used in GTAbut “inspired” parts of its evolution,” Dailly tweeted over the weekend. “You can thank Rocksuck.”

Dailly was one of the original members of DMA Designwhich joined shortly after its founding in 1987. He is best known for one of his first hits, lemmingsand to later generate some of the design work that would eventually form the basis of the first GTA game in 1997. But GTA publisher, BMG Interactive, was bought by Take-Two Interactive a year later, leading to the departure of Dailly and others, and DMA Design eventually folded into Rockstar Games as Rockstar North.

In addition to Rockstar and Take-Two who recently got behind some GTA muds about copyright infringement, older versions of GTA III, Vice Cityand San Andreas were pulled from Steam for the Trilogy remastered‘s release. GTA 1 and 2 were also previously pulled from Valve’s store and there is currently no way to purchase them. A fan of retro gaming compared the latest copyright complaints against Dailly as further “clear history.” The reported removal requirements just occur GTAthe 35th anniversary.

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