Harassed Destiny 2 Dev Drops Mic With Arc 3.0 Ability Reveal


Destiny 2's Saint-14 has no time for the haters.

Image: Bungie

Bungie unveiled its massive Arc 3.0 rework of Lot 2today’s lightning abilities, and while the rundown includes some changes that are sure to make fans happy, one of the biggest surprises recalls one of the game’s darker community moments earlier this year. Fortunately, the developer on the receiving end gets the last laugh.

End of May, Lot 2 Sandbox design lead Kevin Yanes wrote on Twitter that Twilight Garrison would not be returning to the game. ‘s fan-favorite Titan Exotic brisket Lot 1 allows players to dodge in mid-air, adding more mobility to the unwieldy tank class. “Titans will never dodge the sky, my man, it’s part of the warlock’s identity,” he told one player. “Sorry, but I want to rip that band-aid off.”

Being honest and open with fans sparked a vitriol firestorm in some, leading to Yanes being harassed from Twitter. By the time he finally got back, it was only to retweet messages that had nothing to do with the game. And it wasn’t just Yanes; other Destiny developers also stepped back from the community, and lawsuits later revealed how serious some of the threats from fans became. There were angry voicemails, tainted text messages, and even death threats, according to Bungie’s lawsuits.

It turns out that Twilight Garrison is coming back to Lot 2 finally, or at least a close spiritual successor. On Wednesday Bungie revealed that Titans’ new Arc 3.0 arsenal would include a ground dodge. “One of the biggest changes for the Arc Titan is the new Thruster class,” the development team wrote. “By double tapping a button while on the ground, the Titan bursts at high speed in their throttle direction and performs a rapid first-person dodge, comparable in distance to a Hunter’s dodge.”

It’s not quite Twilight Garrison, but it’s close, and Titan fans are already getting excited about pairing it with an upgraded Shoulder Charge and Knockout melee to unpack.

Yanes just responded on Twitter with a famous meme with Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai: “Don’t ever ask me for anything again.”

Of course, the fact that Twilight Garrison is actually coming back somehow still doesn’t matter in the end. People were shit and there are no excuses. As one player explained on Reddit,

Now the top reddit thread will be later today “We owe Kevin Yanes an apology” or some bullshit. That’s not how it works. You don’t owe anyone an apology for getting your way later. He owes an apology for making people miserable assholes to him for an insignificant benefit that’s been gone longer than it ever existed.

The rest of the Arc 3.0 notes go into detail about the reworked capabilities. Arc has long been one of the funniest subclass groups in Destinyand the new version sounds like it will build on what already worked. Hunters get Blink back, Warlocks get a sliding teleport called Lightning Surge, and a new buff called Amplified makes everyone move a lot faster. Hopefully this represents a renaissance in mobility-led builds. Warlocks are already grumbling about some of the changes, but if Forbes‘ notes Paul Tassiplayers won’t really know how the shakeout plays out until Arc 3.0 is tested in the wild when Season 18 hits on August 23.

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