Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster Rumors Upset Bloodborne Fans


Rumors of a PlayStation 5 remaster for Horizon Zero Dawn Seeping online quickly became a thorn in the side of Bloodborne players desperately wondering when it will be their turn for Papa Sony to recognize their favorite game.

The rumor of a Horizon Zero Dawn remaster was first reported by the gaming news site MP1ST and was later confirmed by Video Games Chronicle and Gematsu. According to their sources, the remastered version of Horizon Zero Dawn will add quality of life improvements, new character models, updated lighting and animations, new graphics modes, and more accessibility features to the game.

In addition to the QOL updates reportedly coming to the remaster, MP1ST reports that Guerilla Games is also working on a HZD multiplayer game for PS5 and PC. VGC confirmed this report with its sources and leaked HZD concept art from 2014 depicted Monster Hunterlike multiplayer battles. Sources told VGC the multiplayer game was meant to be part of Horizon Forbidden West but was cut in favor of being used for a future project.

Kotaku contacted Sony for comment.

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While the rumors of a HZD remaster coming to PS5 comforted gamers with an affinity for Aloy, it also exacerbated a very sore spot for die-hard Bloodborne fans shaking their fists at the harsh reality their game has yet to face get the same treatment. The last few years Sony is in the process of an upgrade Spree, countless remasters popular games in the catalog with releases including The Last of Us Part I, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remasteredeven Nioh 1 and Nioh 2. However, intellectual properties such as: Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxterand Bloodborne have metaphorically occupied Sony’s dark attic with video games such as: The SimpsonsHugo Simpson II.

Voice actor and YouTuber yong Yes went to Twitter at ask prioritizing a HZD remaster about stagnant PlayStation Bloodborne title. Sony Santa Monica Game Writer Alanah Pearce replied to Yong Yea’s tweet saying the reason franchises like: Bloodborne staying in purgatory is that remasters”much easier for first-party studiosto subtract.

The Bloodborne loyal’s Sony and HZD-targeted anger comes after FromSoftware players were recently duped for believing fake news from a prospective Bloodborne remaster. In May, Twitter was ablaze with fake news about a Bloodborne remastered is coming to PS5 in August 2022 and PC in Q2 of 2023. This epicenter of misinformation was an account masquerading as a gaming news account Nibellion.

The ruse was pretty easy to figure out for those practicing media literacy given the post linked to a PlayStation blog from January 2015 about Bloodbornelifespan. But for those who believed the information to be true, Nibellion has clarified the matter in twosI’m not saying they didhave no Bloodborne news for you today. This statement remains true today in light of the confirmed HZD reports. Sorry Bloodborne fans, maybe it’s your turn next time.

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