How many people are still actively playing MultiVersus 1 month after its massive launch?


MultiVersus broke concurrent player records for fighting games at launch and was the highest-grossing video game in the United States in July, but the game has been out for just over a month now.

How many people are still actively playing Warner Bros.’ big step into the platform fighting game space now that the early days and weeks of hype have started to cool off?

While unfortunately we don’t have access to console users’ player data, luckily Steam Charts allow us to get an idea of ​​who at least is hanging out on PC/Steam.

We ended up examining the performance of MultiVersus on Steam in the first week after the open beta went live for everyone compared to the past week, and there have been some pretty significant changes.

Even with Morty’s release just days ago, MVS’s daily peaks over the past week averaged about 29,608 users.

That’s still double the player count of the second most popular fighter on Steam, Brawlhalla, but it’s nowhere near when it broke records a month ago.

The average MultiVersus peaks in the game’s first week were a whopping 142,920 concurrent players, meaning only about 20% of that audience stays online regularly.

Now, major player drops are expected after the first month in any video game that initially peaks at launch. We see it all the time.

It’s just the level of how much MVS has gone down that we’re not used to seeing that often.

These comparisons won’t be completely congruent as Steam Charts doesn’t get that detailed with data in titles that have been out for months/years, but it’s the best we can do.

Other fighting games like Street Fighter 5 and Guilty Gear Strive both saw about 50% drop from their peaks to their second month.

Those titles were full-priced $60 games, though, and MultiVersus is free to play and generally available for just about anyone to try – so it makes sense that more people would try out MVS when it blew up before dropping out after a few days/weeks.

Despite the fact that Brawlhalla is also free to play, it’s not good for comparisons either, as that game kept getting bigger and bigger over time.

However, we tried to draw some similarities between MVS and another f2p cross-platform game with a big first push, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master duel.

From Master Duel’s peak of 262,333 players on Steam through its second month, the game’s average player base dropped about 67%.

That’s much closer to what we’re seeing with the MVS numbers compared to our usual fight cases, but there’s still a noticeable gap (although that again equates weeks to whole months, so it’s not perfect either).

As something of a new beast in the fighter space, it’s hard to fully gauge what the current numbers mean about the game’s trajectory.

The fact that MultiVersus is technically still in an open beta state where the game’s features have not yet been completed also throws a key role into the game.

It’s also important to remember that these numbers only apply to the Steam users and not those on PlayStation, Xbox, or the Epic Games Store.

Even if the player bases were on console even with PC, that’s still like over 90,000 players going online at the same time every day, which is pretty wild besides what we’re used to for fighting games.

But the numbers are probably even higher than the consoles.

MultiVersus is certainly not in danger of burning out quickly, especially considering that the game has already surpassed 20 million downloads in total.

How the developers keep tackling the first season and ultimately moving away from the open beta will likely have the biggest impact on the game’s performance for the foreseeable future.

They’ve made a historic start so far, but the real test begins now.

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