Jan. 3 Is a Crucial Date for Those Hoping for Another Stimulus Check. Here’s Why


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Keep an eye on the calendar to determine your chances of getting a next payment.

Most important points

  • Many Americans are hoping for more stimulus money.
  • If there is another payment in any form, it will likely be before January 3, 2023.
  • On January 3, the new Congress will be sworn in and the Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives.

With inflation continuing to rise and many Americans worried about paying for gas, groceries, heating and other necessities this winter, hopes are high that Washington DC will step forward with more financial aid. In fact, millions of people are looking to lawmakers at the federal level to see if they will join the sizable number of state governments offering stimulus funds.

For those hoping for another direct payment to their bank accounts, there’s an important date to be aware of: January 3, 2023.

There is probably a hard deadline for a new stimulus check

January 3, 2023 is a crucial date for anyone who wants extra help at the federal level for one simple reason. On that day, a new Congress is sworn in. If that happens, control of the House of Representatives will shift from Democrats to Republicans.

This change will effectively end the possibility of even more direct financial assistance from the federal government. Republicans unanimously opposed the US Rescue Plan Act, the most recent of the stimulus bills, and lawmakers on the right have made it clear they are not interested in handing out another stimulus check.

Although some key Republicans to have While they have expressed support for an expanded child tax credit, another form of financial relief included in the most recent stimulus package, it is also unlikely that this proposal will receive the necessary support in the next Congress.

Is there still a check possible before January 3?

As prospects of another payment will fade from January next year, the big question is whether legislation will be passed before then to provide the necessary support for families.

There really is a possibility that this could happen. Democrats are clearly aware that they will have an uphill battle over any legislation once they are no longer in control of the House of Representatives. Over the next few weeks, they can vote on bills in a so-called “lame duck” session, while still having a chance to advance President Joe Biden’s agenda.

Since expanding the child tax credit is a major goal of the Biden administration, it is possible that it could happen in the coming weeks before Congressional control shifts. This would mean that parents and families end up getting a little extra help, even if not all Americans get it.

If you’re hoping for more financial relief, keep a close eye on what lawmakers do this month, as the next few weeks are the best chance a payment will come your way.

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