JBL announces the Tour One M2 headphones and Tour Pro 2 earbuds


JBL just announced the Tour Pro 2 wireless earbuds, featuring adaptive noise cancellation and customizable ANC in addition to a charging case with a 1.45-inch LED touchscreen control panel.

The display on the charging case lets you scroll through multiple screens where you can manage your music and adjust your earbuds, and receive calls, messages and social media notifications without having to grab your phone first. It’s advertised as a productivity feature, and that seems to carry some weight if you don’t already have a smartwatch or if you don’t tend to keep your phone in an easily accessible pocket.

The JBL Tour Pro 2 wireless earbuds are available in black or champagne.
Image: JBL

The Tour Pro 2 earbuds themselves are Bluetooth 5.3 LTE compatible and are equipped with 10mm drivers, higher than the 6.8mm on the Tour Pro Plus. JBL says they last up to 40 hours, with the earbuds themselves able to run for about 10 hours before needing to be charged in the case.

This is an improvement over the claimed 32 hours in total and six hours per use claimed on the Tour Pro Plus when ANC is active, although a review from Rings places real-world usage closer to 4.2 hours of use and 16.8 hours of total battery life. Aside from that, the Tour Pro 2 has six built-in microphones like the Tour Pro Plus, which didn’t perform well according to this Tom’s guide review. We can only hope that the Tour Pro 2 earbuds offer better battery life and microphone performance to avoid the same disappointments as its predecessor.

The JBL Tour One M2

The JBL Tour One M2 resembles the original Tour One, but is also available in a gray beige “champagne” finish.
Image: JBL

JBL is also releasing the Tour One M2 over-ear wireless headphones, which the brand says “combine JBL’s best-ever hybrid True Adaptive ANC with JBL Pro-tuned drivers.” This is a successor to the original JBL Tour One and offers improvements to battery life when ANC is active (from 25 hours to 30 hours) and a connectivity upgrade to Bluetooth 5.3. Total battery life remains at 50 hours, although the Tour One M2 can be charged quickly, giving you five hours of juice in just 10 minutes.

The Tour One M2 cans retail for $299, up from the $200 price tag on the original Tour One, while the Tour Pro 2 wireless earbuds cost $249, up from the $200 on the Tour Pro Plus. Both the JBL Tour Pro 2 and Tour One M2 are available in black or champagne and are on sale today.

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