Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers open to QB returning in 2023


Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers may not part ways just yet.

A few months after the team and Garoppolo amicably decided to move on, only to reunite in a wild chain of events that led to him once again being their starting QB, both sides are in for it open that he will be back for the 2023 season. sources say.

It’s early and there’s still plenty of season left, but that scenario isn’t off the table.

Garoppolo takes the 7-4 Niners into today’s showdown against the Dolphins after leading his team to four straight wins. Trey Lance, who started the season as a starter, is injured reserve and out for the season following ankle surgery in September.

Leaving Garoppolo for the 2022 season, the 49ers embraced Lance as a starter and cleared Jimmy G to seek a trade. Both sides were motivated to make it happen. But his shoulder surgery in the spring, which he was medically cleared in August, shut down every trading market.

The team and Garoppolo eventually agreed on a one-year renegotiated deal worth $6.5 million, fully guaranteed, with the chance to earn a total of $16 million in incentives. It contained a clause that prevented the team from tagging him this off-season franchise.

The 49ers and Garoppolo have maintained a good relationship throughout, and the team is still grateful for his willingness to train on the rehab field during training camp at a time when he could have just said he didn’t want to and could have been released. enforce. . That would end it.

But Garoppolo didn’t, and all parties benefited.

With Lance in rehab and still learning to leverage his immense talents after being out for most of the season, there’s a scenario that will bring Jimmy G back to San Francisco in 2023. While the two sides have yet to discuss options for next year, a short-term deal could make sense for everyone.

Either way, Garoppolo should be one of the most coveted free-agent QBs this off-season, ready to cash in again.

With friendly faces in town, including former SF assistant coach Mike McDaniel, Garoppolo made some news this week when he said the Dolphins were one of the teams that were a potential landing spot for him this past offseason. But there was nothing, and no offer was made.

In the end, Garoppolo staying in San Francisco to run the offense and get wins helped save the 49ers’ season. And partly thanks to the success of 2022, there could be at least one more season.

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