Kayvon Thibodeaux injury scare sparks debate about dirty play


As the Giants await the fate of Kayvon Thibodeaux’s injury, some critics and former players are debating whether the edge rusher was knocked out by a foul play.

During the second quarter of Sunday’s Giants-Bengals preseason game, Thibodeaux appeared to injure his knee after a cut block from Bengals tight end Thaddeus Moss. Thibodeaux – the Giants’ fifth overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft – gripped his knee in pain before foregoing a medical cart and stumbling off the field on his own.

Kayvon Thibodeaux grabs his knee after a questionable goal from the Bengal Thaddeus Moss.
Corey Sipkin/ NY Post

After Thibodeaux was banned for the remainder of the game, NFL Network host Rich Eisen tweeted a slow-motion clip of the game, saying that Moss should be hanged over the block.

“Punishment. Heavy fine. delay. Nothing less is acceptable,” Eisen tweeted.

Former Pro Bowl guard TJ Lang — who won a Super Bowl with the Packers in the 2010 season — quoted Eisen and claimed it was a “routine” block.

“For a block that happens 10x per game? Jesus Christ calm people. It’s a routine block. Sh—y result, but routine LEGAL block,” Lang tweeted.

Kayvon Thibodeaux walks off the field after a questionable goal from the Bengal Thaddeus Moss.
Kayvon Thibodeaux walks off the field after a questionable goal from the Bengal Thaddeus Moss.
Corey Sipkin/Y POST
Thaddeus Moss hits Kayvon Thibodeaux
Thaddeus Moss hits Kayvon Thibodeaux

Free agent offensive tackle Marshall Newhouse agreed, arguing in a second tweet that it was a “routine” game.

“MEN. This is literally a routine play, a routine blocking and a routine defense technique taking place here,” Newhouse tweeted, including the same clip Eisen shared. “In the tackle box, the defender is against him, it’s just a bad result.”

In a separate tweet, Newhouse wrote, “This. Is. Legal. And. Sure. Not. Dirty.” That was in response to NFL analyst Warren Sharp, who called the hit “dirty AF.”

Cowboys defensive stud Micah Parsons furious on Twitter over the hit.

“I don’t understand why cutting is still allowed in the NFL!! We have grown into men! Let’s hit the ball bro! I hate to see that man!’ Parsons wrote.

On Monday morning’s episode of “Get Up,” Sam Acho – a former linebacker turned ESPN analyst – said it was a “perfectly good game… Use your hands. Stay low and protect yourself.”

Thibodeaux told reporters he was “alright” and “good” after New York’s 25-22 preseason win over Cincinnati.

“Were good. Good news,” he said.

Thibodeaux will undergo a medical test on Monday to determine the severity of the injury.

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