Latest HBO Max cancellations includes Batman: Caped Crusader


A Batman Cosplayer

A Batman Cosplayer
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It’s a day that ends with a Y, meaning it’s time for Warner Bros. Discover to finish some more projects already in development for HBO Max, and – wow, would you believe this? –they are all animated. Is David Zaslav actually? Who framed Roger Rabbit? villain Judge Doom? Because this guy hates cartoons.

The latest batch of HBO Max originals being unfairly murdered for their time (according to Variety) to be Happy little Batman, The Day the Earth Blowed Up: A Looney Tunes Movie, Bye Bye Bunny: A Looney Tunes Musical, Did that over the holidays: a story by Steve Urkel, The wonderful world of gumball: the movieand Batman: The Caped Crusader. Some of them haven’t been published too much until now, but Caped Crusader was as high-profile as animated projects get.

Produced by JJ Abrams, the batter director Matt Reeves, and Batman: the animated series co-creator Bruce Timm, the series was positioned as a spiritual successor to Batman: TAS that would have been a darker, more grown-up, noir-inspired Batman show — basically just the thing 90s kids have been looking for ever since Batman: TAS went off the air. There may still be hope: According to The Hollywood Reporter‘s Borys Kit, the project is “not canceled” but “just isn’t going to stream on HBO Max.” Kit says it’s “deep in production” and that it’s “going to show up sometime.”

Assuming that’s true, it’s full-on wild that a show about Batman with big names involved wouldn’t be streaming on the service owned by the company that owns Batman. Say what you want Disney to swallow up all of American pop culture, but something like this would never pass. Damn, call the show Nighthawk: Caped Crusader and just sell it to Disney so Kevin Feige can squeeze it into the MCU. They have to do it the Squadron Supreme at some point, right?

As nice as that would be, the most likely destination for Caped Crusader would be Cartoon Network, which was also involved in developing the show alongside HBO Max when it was first announced. But if something aired on regular TV, wouldn’t it be just as easy to put it on the same people’s streaming service as well? Uh, what do we know? We are not the obviously highly competent people who make the decision to unceremoniously throw art in the trash at Warner Bros. Discovery. (And by ‘art’ we mean Did I do that for the holidays: a story by Steve Urkel?.)

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