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Country singer Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany has come under fire after she posted a transphobic joke on Instagram.

“I want to say a big thank you to my parents for not changing my gender as I went through my tomboy phase. I love this girly life,” Brittany wrote earlier this week, on August 23, captioning a makeup video before and after Beyoncé’s 2006 song “Upgrade U” (although Beyoncé is known for being an ally to the LGBTQ+ community) . Husband Jason left a smiling emoji in the comments, replying: “Lmao!! I’m glad they didn’t either because you and I wouldn’t have worked.”

In a more comprehensive statement via Instagram Stories on Friday (Aug. 26), Brittany continued to share her unsolicited thoughts about transgender youth and their rights to gender-affirming care: “Standing up for FGM under the guise of love and calling it “gender affirmative care.” ‘ is one of the worst evils. I will always support my children and do what I can to protect their innocence,” she wrote. “Recently Memphis wanted to be a dinosaur and tomorrow Navy wants to be a cat. They are children. Some parents are so eager to be accepted by society that they are willing to make life-changing decisions for their children who are not old enough to fully understand the consequences of those actions. Love is protecting your child until they are mature enough to make their own life decisions as adults. Grateful that my parents let me go through my tom boy phase without changing my gender.”

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Country singers RaeLynn and Whitney Duncan, as well as the wives of country singers Chuck Wicks, Jon Pardi, Shay Mooney and Granger Smith were among those who left comments supporting Brittany’s posts.

But elsewhere, country stars Brittany slammed Aldean. “You’d think beauty brand celebs would see the positives of including LGBTQ+ people in their posts. But instead we hear someone comparing their ‘tomboy phase’ to someone who wants to switch. Really nice,” Cassadee Pope commented on Twitter Friday (Aug. 26) in response to Brittany’s posts.

Maren Morris responded in agreement to Pope’s tweet, writing, “It’s so easy to, like, not be an asshole? Sell your clip-ins and zip it up, Insurrection Barbie.”

It was then that conservative Candace Owens decided to join their conversation, replying, “It’s easier not to castrate your kids. But I think everything helps to sell bad records.”

Morris replied, “Oh my god, not you. My Grammy is positively sobbing right now. And why do you guys always go to ‘castration’ and ‘pedophiles’ to try and stop a discussion? It’s frankly concerning and worth investigating .” Here, Perez Hilton also chimed in: “Where does the neutering of children happen?[ing]? Because I don’t know of any doctors who do that gender confirmation surgery on minors in America,” he noted.

Morris continued on Instagram with Pope about Brittany Aldean: “You know, I’m glad she didn’t turn into a boy either, because we really don’t need another a–hole guy in the world. Disappointed when Karens tries to hide their homophobia/transphobia behind their ‘protective attitude of the children’. Don’t they put their kids in ‘Biden-is-a-pedo’ shirts on social media? Sounds like a real safe way to protect them from millions of eyes! F… all the way to Insurrection Barbie and the fellow IBs who are trolling this comment section with their hypocritical, hateful a-es.”

Morris also responded to comments from others, including one Twitter user who found the singer’s response “confusing” and told her to “put the phone down and focus on the guitar.” Morris retorted: “If you find it confusing, it’s because you think we’re ‘fighting’ over politics. Were not. This is not political. We call on someone because he is transphobic and finds it hilarious. That’s not it.”

On Morris’s Instagram Stories on Saturday, she shared a video clip of herself thanking her fans for their support, while suggesting that they focus their efforts on those who likely needed more support than she did after seeing Brittany Aldean’s post. .

“You’ve been so kind and supportive to me and Cassadee today,” Morris noted. “I’ll say we can handle this. We’ve dealt with idiots, you know, for years saying insanely stupid things to us. But I’d say check out your trans friends. Look at your gay friends. Anyone who is in country music and had to look at those bulls – today and feel inhumane. Look at your friends.”

“I’m just so tired of looking at absolute horses — on the internet and people getting away with it, let alone being praised for it,” Morris said.

Morris’s husband, fellow artist Ryan Hurd, also assured Twitter followers that they were fine but would continue to speak: “A lot of people tell me our career is over, like the last time she spoke about something, it disappeared . Honestly we’re pretty okay here Tours are good we have a 2 year old we love we are doing fine and I promise she won’t shut up now… Score points fast by transgender out to peck is not brave at all. And I’m proud of Maren for standing up for them. Badge of honor that CO also has a completely normal discourse. Shut up and sing only to those you disagree with.”

See Brittany’s original post and the responses from Morris, Pope and more below.

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