Massachusetts Will Distribute More MOOLAH, MOOLAH, MOOLAH!


The holiday season is here and if you need some extra cash, we have some optimistic news as some money will be in the pockets of Bay State residents during this time of inflation and rising prices. The State Auditor’s Office recently completed a review of the net tax revenue reports, as there is a surplus of nearly $3 million available and taxpayers will reap the benefits of this amount of overruns.

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State Auditor Suzanne Bump says the state’s net tax revenue for 2022 exceeds the state’s allowable tax revenue of $2,941,499,731. The reason excessive refunds are offered is thanks to Chapter 62F of the General Laws which states that you can return money to taxpayers as payment can be offered in a lump sum to speed up this process quickly.

One analyst predicts that taxpayers will recover about 7% of their 2021 income taxes, depending on what credits have already been used. You can get a better idea of ​​how much money you’ll receive from the state by logging onto the Bay State Repayment Estimating Web site.

Massachusetts residents are also very likely to receive a $500 stimulus check. Governor Charlie Baker signed the COVID-19 Essential Employee Premium Pay program in 2021. Your income level from your 2021 Massachusetts tax return is used to determine your eligibility. To qualify, you must have earned less than $38,640 and a minimum of $13,500 for a single person. For a family of four, the maximum income cannot exceed $79,500.

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The good news is that you will automatically receive a $500 payment in the form of a check that arrives in the mail. The only hurdle could be that if you have not filed a 2021 income tax return, you are therefore not eligible for this payment from the state of Massachusetts. Keep an eye on your mailboxes as this would be a welcome Christmas gift from Boston and we’re happy to accept it in more ways than one!

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