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The GOP’s extremist agenda to cut Medicare and Social Security and reverse Democrat-passed prescription cost cuts is coming out from under the covers.

sen. Rick Scott, who oversees the election of Republicans to the Senate, released a manifesto in April that would: “sunset” or eliminate Medicare and Social Security in 5 years. In June, the Republican Study Committee, a bloc of House GOP members, reiterated Scott’s ambition with a plan to massively cut Social Security in the proposed 2023 budget.

On Sept. 20, GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy inadvertently leaked the GOP plan that would include cuts to Social Security and Medicare and eliminate the prescription cost cuts enacted by Democrats.

On September 26, the Alliance of Retired Americans approved Tim Ryan to run for the Senate, citing his commitment to expanding and protecting earned Social Security and Medicare benefits and Ryan’s lifetime score of 98 percent on the Alliance’s annual scorecard for his voting record on senior issues.

JD Vance showed his true stance on Medicare and Social Security in a blog under his pseudonym, JD Hamel, before starting his bid for the Senate. JD stated that Social Security and health care were among the biggest drivers of the federal deficit (fact check: Social Security is funded by law through a trust fund paid by employees and employers and does not contribute to the deficit in any way). He called them entitlements when we all know that Social Security and Medicare are earned benefits.

So it’s no surprise that JD didn’t return the Social Security Works survey on his stance on senior issues and is now trying to deviate from his previous statements.

The fact is that social security and health care are well-run programs and enable people to live a dignified life. Controlling prescription costs is something that takes a long time and is a cause for celebration, not one to move in.

We have a clear choice between Tim Ryan, who has an outstanding track record of senior affairs and protecting Medicare and Social Security, and his opponent, who called for deep cuts in Medicare and Social Security and called the bill with provisions to reduce prescription costs “catastrophically disastrous.”

Vote as if Medicare and Social Security are on the ballot. They are.



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