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Megan Thee Stallion former best friend Kelsey Harris took the witness stand at Tory Lanez’s felony trial on Wednesday, when prosecutors revealed she gave a bombshell interview in September in which she claimed Lanez threatened to shoot her in a Cadillac Escalade before allegedly setting fire on Megan opened.

Prosecutors played excerpts of the interview during Harris’ belligerent testimony when she confirmed she had made the detailed statement three months ago, but claimed the damaging account was “not accurate” and that she was “not truthful to herself” that day. to protect”.

Sitting steps away from a jury in a Los Angeles courtroom, Harris testified that she had no recollection of Lanez’s alleged threat in the SUV and no recollection of seeing him holding a gun or pointing at Megan. had shot during an alcohol-fueled fight on July 12. , 2020.

In a portion of the recording played to jurors, Harris was heard telling prosecutors that after Lanez allegedly said, “I’ll shoot you,” he then “reached forward as if he was going to grab something” from the center console of the car. SUV.

Harris, 27, agreed she made the statement during the sit-down interview in September, but when deputy district attorney Kathy Ta asked her to describe the alleged threat to the jury, she clung, claiming: ” Some of those things I said, they weren’t accurate.”

“The night was a blur. We were under the influence,” she said on the witness stand.

When prosecutors confronted her about her taped statement alleging that she had Lanez “pointing the gun straight but always down on Megan,” Harris reversed course and said she did not witness the shooting.

She said a mix of anxiety, postpartum issues and grief related to the death of someone close to her made it difficult for her to remember details and even focus on the questions of her direct examination Wednesday.

Still, she said it was ridiculous of the defense to claim she was the one who opened fire on Megan, wounding the “Savage” rapper in both feet in the roadside fight two years ago.

‘I mean, it’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous,” Harris testified in court in downtown Los Angeles — a day after Megan told jurors she saw Lanez point the gun at her and shoot.

Harris was expected to be a star witness in the high-profile case, as she is the only other close eyewitness to the events leading up to the shooting who has confirmed to testify at the trial outside of Megan herself. During opening statements, prosecutors said they would confirm the claim that Lanez, whose legal name is Daystar Peterson, was the trigger.

She was considered a wild card prior to trial for being remarkably tight-lipped for the past two years and has become estranged from Megan despite their former seven-year friendship.

When she first walked into the courtroom on Wednesday, she was accompanied by criminal defense attorney Daniel A. Nardoni. The attorney said Harris intended to assert her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Judge David Herriford said he had conducted internal proceedings on the case and determined Harris’s concerns were “legitimate”. Prosecutors then said they would offer her “use immunity” for her testimony, and she was sworn in as a witness.

“I don’t care that I’m here today,” Harris told Ta minutes after her examination. She called the process a “provocative situation,” said she suffers from “anxiety” dealing with the birth of a child and a recent death. “I just don’t want to be here.”

She then aimed at Megan.

“She painted the picture that I betrayed her, she painted the picture that I am this bad person, bad friend, that I took hush money. There are many lies,” she testified.

Ta then asked Harris about other alleged lies. “Were there allegations that you shot Megan?” she asked.

“There were,” Harris replied.

“How do you feel about them?” Ta asked.

‘I mean, it’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous,” Harris said.

Peterson, 30, sat at the defense table during her testimony. The “Luv” singer has pleaded not guilty to three felony charges, alleging that he shot Megan with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, causing grievous bodily harm; a loaded, unregistered firearm concealed in a vehicle; and discharged a firearm with gross negligence.

If convicted as charged, the Alone at the ball rapper faces the possibility of 22 years and eight months in prison and subsequent deportation, as he is a citizen of Canada.

Dressed in a black ensemble with her hair in a bun, Harris told the judges that she and Megan met Tory Lanez even in 2020 at a Roc Nation and became friends. She said Megan first tried to set her up with Tory. But then she caught Covid and was home in Houston for two or three months. She believes the “dynamic” between Megan and Tory changed while she was gone.

She then described the meeting at Kylie Jenner’s house that preceded the shooting. She said everyone was playing beer pong and “having fun”, but she described Megan’s behavior as “drunk” and “a little out of control”.

She said that at some point, after passing out inside, Peterson arrived at the mansion. When asked how Peterson was acting, she said, “Tory doing his thing – being Tory, flirting.”

“Who was he flirting with?” Ta asked.

“He was flirting with Kylie,” she replied.

Harris testified when Megan said she was ready to leave, the two women took off with Peterson’s driver, leaving Peterson behind. (When Megan testified Tuesday, she disputed this detail, saying Peterson’s driver refused to leave the premises without his client.)

Harris said shortly after she and Megan left Jenner’s house the first time, Megan told the driver she forgot a “slipper,” so they returned.

She said Megan went in alone and “apparently a fight or something happened.”

“She ran out with Tory,” she testified. “She was like, ‘Bitch, Kylie told us to fucking leave.’ I was like, ‘I’m confused.’”

She said the trio then climbed into Peterson’s Cadillac Escalade with the driver, Jauquan Smith, where everyone got into a fight.

“The argument that took place inside continued,” she said, refusing to get specific. “There was so much back and forth, swearing (between) me and Megan, Tory and Megan, Tory and me, Megan and Tory.”

Ta asked if Harris remembered Tory saying something to the effect of, “Megan, why don’t you tell your friend about us?”

“Yes, ma’am,” she replied. “(Megan) was like, ‘Don’t listen to him. Why are you telling her that?’”

When asked what her reaction was, Harris said she was “upset, confused”. She testified that she and Peterson had been intimate before she caught Covid and went to Houston.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” she said. “He just says they were in a relationship, they were in a relationship. An argument ensues and continues. Me and she argue about her infidelity.

She said “a lot of name-calling” broke out, with everyone “lashing out at each other”. She recalled telling prosecutors that Peterson called the women “bitches” and “hoes.”

Then Ta Harris started asking about her taped interview with prosecutors in September.

“Do you remember in this interview with (another accuser) and myself when you said he threatened to shoot you?” Ta asked.

“Should I answer that?” said Harris, looking at the judge.

“Yes,” said Judge David Herriford.

“Um, yes, ma’am,” Harris replied, confirming that Peterson had threatened to shoot her.

“And this was in the car, correct?” Ta asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“What did he do and what did he say?” Ta asked.

“Can I take my 5th?” Harris answered and left the stand to talk to her lawyer. When she returned, Harris again invoked her right to self-incrimination.

“Why don’t you want to answer that question?” Ta asked.

“I don’t want to be here,” Harris replied.


Harris will return to the witness stand on Thursday.

Updated at 8:16 PM to reflect Kelsey Harris’ afternoon testimony

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