Melania Trump Was ‘Annoyed’ FBI Agents Went Through Her Closet: CNN


  • Melania Trump was “annoyed” by FBI agents rummaging through her closet, CNN reported.
  • “She’s private and she’s protecting her son and her home,” a source close to her told CNN.
  • “She cared, but not the way he cared,” a source told Melania’s CNN, who has not publicly commented on the raid.

Former First Lady Melania Trump is “annoyed” at the FBI poking through her bedroom and closet in Mar-a-Lago, but not too concerned about the federal investigation into her husband, former President Donald Trump, CNN reported.

A source close to the former first lady told CNN the search “annoyed her,” not because the investigation poses a legal threat to her husband and family, but because the raid violates her privacy.

“She’s private and she protects her son and her home,” a source close to her told CNN.

Donald Trump, for his part, was outraged by FBI agents going through Melania’s closet during the Aug. 8 search of his golf club and residence in Palm Beach, Florida, Politico reported. The search stemmed from an ongoing federal investigation into Trump’s handling of classified documents after he left office.

“Just learned that officers were going through the First Lady’s closets and rummaging through her clothing and personal items. Surprisingly, they left the area in a relative shambles. Wow!” Trump posted to his social media platform Truth Social after the raid.

But Melania has typically kept quiet about the search and has not made any public comments about the investigation. “She cared about her, but not like he cared about him,” a source close to her told CNN.

“Why would she say anything?” a “person familiar with her communication style told CNN. “Her thinking is, if she’s quiet, it’ll just disappear.”

Other sources pointed out that Melania isn’t too concerned about what the FBI agents might have found in her space, as she and her husband have separate closets and separate their belongings.

“She would never allow him to keep his things in her room, and he would honestly never ask for it,” a source told CNN.

A source close to the Trumps told CNN that Melania has “always considered what Donald does to divorce her,” adding that “decisions he makes about his business are his decisions, not hers.”

Melania Trump has made little public appearance in the past month, most recently at the funeral of her husband’s first wife, Ivana Trump, and, CNN reported, at a Manhattan hair salon.

Melania has kept a low profile since leaving office, refraining from taking on many of the traditional public initiatives and assignments of many former first ladies.

Instead, her main project was the sale of digital non-replaceable tokens, or NFTs, of White House memorabilia from her tenure. One collection included a Hervé Pierre hat, a watercolor and an NFT commemorating French President Emmanuel Macron’s 2018 state visit to the United States.

“I can imagine that as the wife and mother of his child, she must be concerned (about the future),” a longtime acquaintance of the Trump family told CNN. “She may be at least a little concerned about how her own life will change.”

But Kate Andersen Brower, the author of a book on first ladies, told CNN it’s “a missed opportunity for a former first lady to remain irrelevant” with flagship initiatives.

“It’s very unusual for a former first lady not to take advantage of her continued power and prestige after she leaves office. But I’ve learned it’s a losing game trying to understand what Melania is doing,” Andersen told Brower. to CNN.

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