Microsoft, Nintendo Won’t Raise Console Prices Despite PS5 Hike


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Earlier today, Sony announced that in most regions, the PlayStation 5 would see a price increase due to inflation. In response to this news, people began to wonder if other console makers would make similar price increases. The answer, at least for now, seems to be no. But both Nintendo and Microsoft were careful to leave open the possibility of future price increases.

After Sony confirmed that, due to ongoing global inflationboth versions of the PS5 would see price increases in multiple regions –including Canada, Mexico, China and the UK– the next obvious question many had was: would another company take the same drastic step? This is the internet, after all, a place where people are constantly yelling at each other about which console is better or worse and making up plots to explain why sites are writing good or bad news about consoles. So, of course, if Sony does something, people have to pick sides and start asking questions about Xbox and Nintendo.

Kotaku contacted Xbox about the Sony PS5 price increase and whether the company had similar plans to increase the price on the Xbox Series X or S. Microsoft’s answer is a bit flimsy and doesn’t mention any firm plans one way or the other.

Here’s the full statement:

We are constantly evaluating our company to bring great gaming options to our fans. Our recommended retail price for the Xbox Series S remains $299 and the Xbox Series X is $499. This also applies to other markets and their current pricing.

While it confirmed that the price hasn’t changed at this point, it leaves open the very real possibility that as inflation gets worse, the tech company could decide to raise the price of one or both Xbox variants.

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Meanwhile, earlier this month, Nintendo’s President Shuntaro Furukawa told Nikkei Asia that it is currently “not considering a price increase for Switch”, adding that the company does not want to praise people for buying its very popular console.

“Our competition is the variety of entertainment in the world,” Furukawa said. “And we always think about pricing in terms of the value of the fun we provide… Nintendo has sold over 100 million Switch units to date and it’s important to maintain the momentum of our overall business.”

Still, this statement leaves the subject of pricing open for Nintendo to change prices on the Switch if necessary. However, Nintendo has, in a way, reduced the price of the Switch through the upgraded OLED model released last year. This is often how Nintendo raises prices on its consoles without having to do a more traditional price hike like Sony.

lIt’s likely that both companies are closely monitoring how markets, critics and fans are reacting to Sony’s PS5 price hike as they consider how to tackle future inflation. And now that the gaming market is starting to slow down a bit after the sheer numbers it saw during the pandemic, you better believe that companies like Nintendo are open to different ways to keep their boats afloat as people start to spend less revenue on video game consoles and games.

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