Modern Warfare II Disc Is Nearly Empty


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Players who received early physical copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II have reported that the included discs only contain about 72MB of data, requiring players to connect to the internet and download the other 100+GB of data to actually play the game.

Officially, Modern Warfare II won’t be out until tomorrow. But as usual, a few copies of the upcoming military first-person shooter slipped out of the warehouses a little early and ended up in the hands of a few lucky players. In theory, this disc should contain the game’s campaign, which was released digitally earlyand it should also include the multiplayer, which will launch in full tomorrow on the official release date. But as reported by Eurogamer, that is not the case. Instead, players who bought early copies of Modern Warfare II found that the disc was virtually blank and they had to download and install the entire game over the internet before they could play.

Kotaku has contacted Activision about these dummy drives and whether the company plans to offer real retail copies of the game in the future.

Modern Warfare II-after the latest patch—is reportedly over 150+ GB in size if you count campaign and multiplayer. (And that excludes the upcoming release) War Zone 2.0 (which will be out in November.) While some players can download the game easily and quickly, for others it may take hours or days to download the large file size and may exceed their existing internet data limit. Another problem, as pointed out by Eurogameris that in some parts of the world, energy costs are rising rapidly and it can be a costly situation to run a large next-gen console for hours to download a game.

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But even if everyone in the world had great internet, low utility bills, and loads of free time to wait for MW2 to download, it wouldn’t change how tricky this dummy disk situation is. It ultimately makes it harder to legally keep console versions of the game, another blow to game preservation. And sure, this isn’t the first time a publisher has shipped near blank discs, but it still sucks that it’s happening again, as it makes game preservation much, much harder for what is one of the biggest franchises in the world. .

Plus, what happens if the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 servers die one day? Well, you can probably guess. Unless Activision changes something in the future, the drive and all 72MB of data will just become a paperweight once the servers die. At least you can play the other ones 46 Duty spell which is also called M. are calledodern warfare instead of.

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