MoviePass is almost back, and you can sign up to get on the waitlist now


MoviePass is back, kinda. As of today, you can sign up to get on a waiting list to become a MoviePass subscriber, and if you want to, you’ll have to act fast, as the waiting list is only open for five days. The new MoviePass will be launched around Labor Day and the first users will be those at the top of the waiting list.

If you’re wondering what exactly this new MoviePass is going to be… join the club. This is the company that once promised all the theatrical movies you could watch for $10 a month, only to find out quickly that the business plan both infuriated theaters and basically set millions of dollars on fire. It got so bad that Helios and Matheson Analytics, the parent company of MoviePass, went bankrupt last year.

Stacy Spikes, an original co-founder of MoviePass, bought the company back in late 2021 and has been working on a fresh start ever since. Now, as first reported by Insider, the MoviePass plan costs $10, $20, or $30 per month, depending on where you live, and gives you access to a certain number of movies each month — there’s no unlimited version, at least not yet. (Gavin Skillman, a MoviePass spokesperson, declined to provide more details, but confirmed the Insider story.) You can still use a MoviePass-branded debit card to go to a theater or use the MoviePass app, and as a fun new change, you can use your credit to bring friends to the theater. If you were a MoviePass customer before, you apparently also get some “free bonus credits”, but no word yet on how much exactly.

This is all very vague so far. The only thing we know for sure is that you can see some movies, for a price. But there are plenty of other hints as to what Spikes and co. could be. First, Spikes also founded another company, PreShow, that uses attention-tracking software to get you to watch an ad and then reward you with credits (or, in this case, movie tickets). Spikes has also talked about the new MoviePass being “powered by Web3 technology”, although that doesn’t seem to mean much right now. Spikes, presumably feeling burned by MoviePass’ previous mindset of growing at all costs, pledged to run the new MoviePass as a co-op.

The movie theater business has also changed dramatically since MoviePass died. The theater chain Cineworld is heading for bankruptcy and things have been bad for AMC, IMAX and other theater companies in recent years, thanks to the pandemic and the overall shift to streaming services. (AMC was only saved by its meme stock status.) But a few recent hits, like Top Gun Maverick, theaters give a glimmer of hope that movie viewers might become moviegoers again. Do they want to share their increasingly hard-won ticket revenue with MoviePass?

An unlimited movie subscription always seemed like a good idea for consumers – for a while it was too good to be true. It’ll take a while to see if Spikes can get it right the second time around, but if you want to ride along, you’ll want to get on the waiting list soon. And bring popcorn.

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