National Savings Day reminds us to plan for the future


This year, October 12 is National Savings Day. This day serves as an important reminder to plan for your financial future.

Social Security is an essential part of any financial plan. We have online tools to help you understand your potential Social Security benefits and how they fit into your financial future.

You should regularly review your Social Security Statement using your personal my Social Security account at Your statement is an easy-to-read summary of the estimated benefits you and your family could receive, including possible retirement, disability, and survivor benefits.

With our Pension Plan tool in your personal My Social Security account you can check different scenarios for estimating benefits. You can compare the effect of different future earnings and retirement benefits on your future benefit amount.

Let friends and family know they can take steps to improve their financial literacy by logging into their secure My Social Security account. If they don’t have an account, they can easily create one at

Q: Is It Illegal To Laminate Your Social Security Card?

A: No, it’s not illegal, but we don’t recommend it. It is best not to laminate your card. Laminated cards make it difficult—sometimes impossible—to detect important security features and an employer may refuse to accept them. The Social Security Act requires the Social Security Commissioner to issue cards that cannot be counterfeited. We include many features that protect the integrity of the card. They include highly specialized paper and printing techniques, some of which are invisible to the naked eye. Keep your Social Security card in a safe place with your other important papers. Don’t carry it with you. Learn more at

Q: How can I get proof of my benefits to apply for a loan?

A: If you need proof that you are receiving Social Security, Supplemental Income (SSI) and/or Medicare benefits, you can request a benefits verification letter online through your personal my Social Security account at This letter is sometimes referred to as a “budget letter,” a “benefit letter,” a “proof of income letter,” or a “proof of grant.” You can even select the information to include in your online benefits verification letter.

This column was prepared by the Social Security Administration. For quick answers to specific Social Security questions, contact Social Security toll-free at 800-772-1213 or visit

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