New Trump Legal Doc Reads Like a ‘PR Filing,’ Experts Say


  • Trump’s latest salvo in his bid to get a special master’s degree was panned as a “PR request” rather than a serious legal document.
  • His lawyers repeated allegations of political bias and hinted at his possible presidential run in 2024.
  • In particular, they made no mention of his weeks-long claim that he had broadly released the documents seized at Mar-a-Lago.

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team in a new court filing Wednesday recycled claims of political bias against the Justice Department; hinting at his possible presidential run in 2024; and argued that Trump has the right to sue the Justice Department and seek a court-appointed “special master” in the wake of the FBI search for his Mar-a-Lago estate.

“Three weeks after an unprecedented, unnecessary and legally unsupported raid on the home of a president — and possibly a candidate against the current chief executive in 2024 — the government, represented by the Department of Justice… has taken an extraordinary turn. document filed with this Court suggesting that the DOJ, and the DOJ alone, should be given responsibility to evaluate its unwarranted pursuit of criminalizing the possession of a former president’s personal and presidential information in a secure environment,” the filing read.

It also disputed the Justice Department’s previous claim that Trump did not have the status to sue the US, saying that “it is the reasonable expectation of privacy in one’s home that the obvious status of the homeowner to challenge a search of that property.”

However, within minutes of the court documents being filed, national security experts and former prosecutors pointed out that, like Trump’s first lawsuit, it appeared more like a press release than a legal document.

First, as former federal prosecutor Harry Litman wroteTrump would have standing — or have the right to sue — but only if he’s charged and “can’t do it in advance.”

And Andrew Weissmann, a former FBI general counsel who later worked in the office of special counsel Robert Mueller, also noted that contrary to the Trump team’s claim that the Justice Department was “criminalizing” him, only a grand jury could indict him.

“That’s how our legal system works,” Weissmann wrote. “This is another PR request, not a serious one.”

Notably, Trump’s team made no mention of Wednesday’s filing of its weeklong claim that it had broadly released all of the material seized from Mar-a-Lago, a claim he made Wednesday morning on Truth Social. It also failed to address the DOJ’s most damning claim, made in a court filed Tuesday night, that it had evidence of “probable” efforts to obstruct its investigation into Trump’s handling of national security information.

Trump first filed a lawsuit last week requesting a court-appointed “special master” — usually a former judge — to search materials seized during the search and filter out all privileged materials. . But the Justice Department said in its response on Tuesday that Trump is not entitled to a special master because the records in question “do not belong to him.”

The FBI has recovered more than two dozen boxes of government documents, some top secret and marked top secret, after executing a search warrant in Mar-a-Lago earlier this month. That comes on top of 15 boxes of documents Trump handed over in January in response to a request from the National Archives.

The department also released the most detailed report yet of investigators’ suspicions that Trump and his team misled them when they claimed in a June 3 letter that they had stolen all classified data stored at Mar-a-Lago. a “zealous investigation” back to the government. .”

The FBI has recovered “twice as many documents with classification marks as the ‘diligent search'” Trump’s attorney and other representatives had “weeks” to conduct, the DOJ said in its response to Trump’s lawsuit. That “casts serious doubts on the statements made in the June 3 certification and casts doubt on the degree of cooperation in this matter.”

Tuesday’s filing by the DOJ was “devastating and deserved a serious, accurate response,” wrote longtime former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti. But Trump’s response was “long on hyperbole and short on the law” and seemed to sidestep “the most damning details”.

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