Paradox Doubles Crusader Kings III DLC Pricing, Which Sucks


Crusader Kings III

Image: Paradox

Paradox released a piece of Crusader Kings III DLC named in March 2021 northern gentlemen. It’s been available for $7 for over a year, but that price is about to go up to $13 for… a reason?

A community ambassador posts on the game’s forums saying:

Starting September 13, we will be changing the prices of our Flavor Packs (Northern Lords and Fate of Iberia) to reflect the overall value of this type of content going forward. This means that the current price of these two products will increase from USD 6.99 to USD 12.99. This is of course equivalent to the regional prices of your area and may vary. This change will also be reflected in future flavor packs whose cost will be more in line with this price.

The price change will not affect the price of the base game, Royal Court or the Royal Edition – these prices will remain unchanged. If you already own the Royal Edition or Expansion Pack 1, you’re all set and nothing will change for you and your versions of the game.

The price of Northern Lords and Fate of Iberia won’t go up until September 13, so we recommend that you buy your copies at the original price of USD 6.99 before the change takes place.

Excuse me what? I can understand wanting to charge more for upcoming flavor packs — bits of DLC specifically targeting one of the game’s playable cultural groups — based on them getting bigger and more complex. The fate of Iberiafor example, which came out in May 2022, has more stuff then northern gentlemen.

But raising the prices of existing packs just comes across as a dick move, one that longtime Paradox fans are more than used to unfortunately. As excellent as the company’s games areand as loyal followings as they collect, Paradox’s DLC prizes have been anywhere for the longest time, with some big, expensive offers fall flat while other small, cheaper releases change the way the games are played.

It gives fans the impression that the company doesn’t really know what it’s doing when it comes to DLC pricing, and a move like this certainly won’t help change that. The very first answer on the Paradox forums says:

My only question is, why do the prices change retroactively?

I would understand if it was decided that flavor packs needed to be expanded. Which of course would mean a price increase.

But changing the price of old DLC that was more than worth its price is just… shooting yourself in the foot in the eyes of the community.

About! Sometimes a decision to make some extra money isn’t worth the hassle it generates with the community, and this definitely feels like one of those cases.

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