Pete Carroll says Seattle Seahawks will take ‘all the time we need’ to decide on starting quarterback


RENTON, Washington — The Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback battle between Geno Smith and Drew Lock may not be decided anytime soon.

Coach Pete Carroll said on Tuesday the Seahawks will “take all the time we need” to settle for a starter, pointing to the two and a half weeks they have between Friday’s preseason finale against the Dallas Cowboys and the September 12 opener against Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos.

Carroll said Smith will continue to lead the way, but that he is “wide open” to the possibility that Lock could catch up with him.

Carroll did not specify when he initially planned to make a decision, but said it changed when Lock was sidelined with COVID-19 last Tuesday, two days before he was set to make his first summer start in the second game of the season. preseason in Seattle against the Chicago Bears. Lock returned on Sunday and has competed in all three practices this week, sharing first-team reps with Smith on Tuesday.

Carroll wouldn’t reveal who will start Friday, but again said Lock will be playing “a lot”.

“I’m wide open to whatever happens,” Carroll said. “Geno has been the guy in the lead the whole time and I’ve protected that thought the whole time. He’s done a really good job. He’s been very consistent. So we’ll see what happens. There’s still two weeks of practice.” , after that too. I had a fixed thought about what we would do with the timeline, but it got disrupted, so we’re going to use all the time we need.”

Smith has taken the most reps of the first team. He started the Seahawks sham game and a week later the opening preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The plan was for Lock to start against Chicago and then move on. Lock took all first team reps last Tuesday but struggled while feeling ill and tested positive later that day.

“Today is a really big day for me to find out what they look like today,” said Carroll before practice. “A guy is coming back from COVID. He came back two days ago, did great, got through all the walk-through stuff yesterday, did great. Let’s see how he does today and see where it fits. But I’m not closing the book on someone vying for their spot, there’s two huge weeks ahead: the finish of this one, [then] next week is a huge week for us and then we come back with another full week and an extra day. So we have a lot of time here to work it out.”

Acquired from Denver in the Wilson trade, Lock defeated Smith in the August 6 mock game at Lumen Field and had a strong night against Pittsburgh with a few touchdown passes until he committed a late gaffe. He lost a fumble when he failed to account for an unblocked rusher from the rim.

“He played really well,” said Carroll. “His rhythm was good. I also go back to the Lumen game because that was the other one we used for the evaluation. He was very fast with the football. I would like to see that continue. When the “It’s getting there right down, we missed something in the end and gave the ball away. I would like to see him finish the game and complete the actions he can make. He’s shown a lot of really good things.” I think he had two of the three drives he scored while coming out against [Pittsburgh]. But because of last week’s game, we are now in a different format.”

The Seahawks went winless against Chicago last week on seven first-half stages behind Smith. He finished 10 of-18 for 112 yards, but at least three of his omissions were drops.

Asked if the Seahawks can play two quarterbacks in the regular season, Carroll said it’s a possibility, but not the plan.

“I could go on and just call it that, but I want to let the guys fight and show them where they are and let us get as much information as possible,” he said. “Geno has done a really good job being in that position. His voice is solid. He’s always on point. He’s been very consistent with his work, and Drew has been very sharp. I know it’s not supposed to be that way a good situation when you have two quarterbacks. It means you don’t have one, is the old saying. I don’t know. Maybe we have two. We’ll see what happens.”

Carroll initially said he expected rookie driving Kenneth Walker III to be back at the opener of his hernia procedure, but he’s since reversed that thought. Seattle’s second-round pick lined up for a key role alongside Rashaal Penny.

“I don’t know how to call what’s going to happen because it’s such an unusual circumstance that he has,” said Carroll. “He’s really tough, he’s making great progress every day. He just feels more comfortable. I think he sneezed recently and survived. So he’s fine. But how many weeks will it take? Not me know that, the doctors don’t tell us that either, so I think a lot will have to do with him.

“If you rely on him, he’ll make it back in no time. He’s really tough. He’s very demanding of himself. So we’ll see how it goes, but we’re hopeful about that.” to happen.”

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