Police no longer investigating the Anne Heche car crash


Los Angeles police are no longer investigating the car accident that left actress Anne Heche legally brain dead, according to a statement shared with NBC News.

“As of today, no further investigation efforts will be made in this case,” the statement said. “Any information or data requested prior to this course of action will still be collected as it arrives as a matter of formalities and included in the overall case. When a person suspected of a crime expires, we do not present for consideration.”

Prior to this statement, the LAPD was investigating Heche for possible drink-driving, because drugs were found in her body.

“Preliminary testing revealed the presence of drugs in the blood sample,” the Los Angeles Police Department said at the time.

The case was investigated as a “felony DUI traffic collision”.

Heche, 53, crashed her car into a home in the Mar Vista community of Los Angeles last Friday. After suffering a brain haemorrhage, she was pronounced brain dead, according to her representative.

Charred debris and warning tape can be seen where Anne Heche crashed into a house
Charred debris and warning tape can be seen where Anne Heche crashed into a home in Mar Vista, California, on Aug. 8, 2022. Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images

In a video posted to his Instagram on Friday, Heche’s ex-husband, Hollywood cinematographer Coleman “Coley” Laffoon, said he will always love and miss her.

“It’s hard for me, it’s hard for my family, it’s very hard for Homer, but we have each other and we have a lot of support and it’s going to be okay,” he said of his son, who he shared with Heche.

Laffoon described Heche as someone who was “brave, fearless and loved very hard”.

“Goodbye Anne, I love you, thank you, thank you for all the good times, there were so many,” he said. “Goodbye on the other side and in the meantime I have our son and he will be fine.”

Heche and Laffoon’s son, Homer, weighed in Friday afternoon by declaring in a statement that he and his brother, Atlas, have lost their mother.

“After six days of almost unbelievable emotional swings, I am left with a deep, wordless grief,” Homer said in a statement shared with NBC News. “Hopefully my mother is free from pain and begins to discover what I like to envision as her eternal freedom.”

Tim Stelloh, Dennis Romero and David K. Lic contributed.

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