Prosecutors: Giuliani won’t be charged over Ukraine-related actions


The episode, including an attempt by Giuliani to seek the impeachment of U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, led to Trump’s first impeachment by the House.

The FBI raids against Giuliani last year seemed to signal a particularly serious criminal investigation, as the signatures of senior Justice Department officials are required for searches used by lawyers.

In recent months, however, the probe seemed to have fizzled out. On Monday, Manhattan-based federal prosecutors overseeing the investigation told a federal judge that there was no longer a need for a court-appointed special master to oversee records from Giuliani’s home and office because the investigation was essentially had ended.

“The government is writing to inform the court that the grand jury investigation leading to the issuance of the above-mentioned warrants has been completed and based on information currently in the government’s possession, no criminal charges will follow,” said assistant attorney Rebekah Donaleski. and other prosecutors wrote in a two-sentence letter to Judge J. Paul Oetken. The letter contained no further details as to why the probe was dropped.

A spokesperson for Giuliani, Ted Goodman, said in a statement late Monday that the move by prosecutors was a clear victory for the former mayor.

“The mayor is fully in his favor,” Goodman said.

“Myself and Mayor Giuliani are pleased but not surprised by the result,” Giuliani attorney Robert Costello told POLITICO Monday afternoon. “She [prosecutors] deviated from office practice by submitting this, which I had been asking for for months. … The man’s reputation has been ruined by this sort of thing and he deserves this statement and he got it today.

Asked how prosecutors met the supposedly high level of evidence needed to search a law firm or email account, but came up with no enough evidence to charge a crime, Costello said he believes the U.S. Attorney’s office lawyer is deceived.

“I think the short answer you’re looking for is: someone lied to them. Someone gave them presumptive probable reason to believe that Rudy Giuliani was committing a crime… Obviously that has not turned out to be the case,” Costello said.

Goodman echoed that point, saying, “What was the probable cause for the seizure of his iCloud, the pre-dawn raid on his home, and his law firm? … The mayor was right to call these actions dangerous, reckless and unconstitutional.”

While it seems unlikely that Giuliani will face criminal charges, he continues to face a series of legal issues following the 2020 presidential election following his activities. He has been temporarily suspended in New York State and Washington, D.C. while criminal proceedings are underway in connection with allegations that he made misleading claims while attempting to undermine Joe Biden’s victory. Giuliani also faces civil defamation lawsuits over his claims that several voting machines were rigged to understate Trump’s votes. And the former mayor recently testified before a Georgia grand jury investigating attempts to distort that state’s 2020 vote.

Four other men, including at least three associates of Giuliani, were sentenced to prison by Oetken in related investigations conducted by the same prosecutors.

Lev Parnas, who worked with Giuliani on Ukraine-related cases, was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison for several crimes, including defrauding lenders of a company called “Fraud Guarantee”. Giuliani took a $500,000 consulting fee for his work related to the company, but insisted he was unaware of any fraud associated with the company.

Another man active in Giuliani’s work in Ukraine, Igor Fruman, was sentenced to a year and a day in prison for soliciting a campaign contribution from a Russian national.

Oetken also sentenced David Correia to one year and one day in prison for false statements and telephony fraud as part of the “Fraud Guarantee”.

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