REMINDER: Rick Scott is Leading the Republican Charge Against Social Security


On Sunday, Florida GOP Senator Rick Scott attempted to deviate from Republicans’ plans to cut Social Security and health care — then got caught mid-interview for trying to pin their extreme agenda on Democrats instead. .

Rick Scott is the one responsible for devising a hugely unpopular plan to put Social Security and health care on the chopping block.

Washington Post Opinion: “Scott’s” [‘Rescue America’] plan would also destroy – eliminate – all federal legislation in five years on the (risky) assumption that dignified laws would be reintroduced. That could mean an end to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, everything else mentioned above — and possibly more.

While keeping pace with Senator Scott, the House’s top Republicans have already come out and made it clear that if they take control, they would make it one of their “top priorities” to get Social Security and Medicare to undermine.

Bloomberg Administration: “Changes to Social Security and Health Care eligibility, spending caps, and safety net requirements are among the the top priorities for key House Republicans who want to use next year’s debt cap deadline to make concessions to Democrats.”

In fact, Republicans are so determined to go after important programs, including Social Security, that they would threaten to crash the economy to implement austerity measures. Even one economist at the conservative American Enterprise Institute said that if Republicans take control and “play games” with the debt ceiling, it could have disastrous consequences for the economy and the American people.

Semafor: “Republican leaders are currently talking about using voting on the debt ceiling, which should be lifted next year, to secure important policy concessions. That makes the possibility of a deadlock that deters investors and drives interest rates up an increasingly plausible scenario.

‘When the Republicans start’ playing games With the debt ceiling and it looks like the United States can’t meet its obligations, there’s going to be a massive bond sell-off,” said Desmond Lachman, a macroeconomic expert at the American Enterprise Institute.

The Republicans’ plan to undermine Social Security is so backward that even a Republican voter called it a “deal breaker” and a complete “betrayal” of the American people.

Newsweek: “As soon as [Steve Scalise’s] conversation started, [Fox News] host Shannon Bream… presented a message to lawmakers from a concerned viewer who labeled the GOP’s plan for Medicare a potential “betrayal.”

“He’s a Republican, he’s very concerned about you cutting his Medicare,” Bream said, relaying the message she was said to have received on Twitter. ‘He says it’s a deal breaker and a betrayal by the GOP.’”

Make no mistake: Rick Scott and the Republican Party are campaigning for plans that threaten Social Security and health care for millions of Americans. That is the last interim report from the GOP, a week after Election Day.

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